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Jd Battery Instructions Do Not Work With Tutorial

I need detailed instructions that match for the JD humanoid robot. The tutorial doesn't match the battery that was shipped with the JD humanoid. I have connected the chest/battery to the charger and one light stays green and the other red (4 pin charge outlet). I charged over 3 hours and when I power on, no lights occur and no wifi is present. It's not so easy when the instructions don't match what you purchased.
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The charger instructions are available online in the tutorials section I believe. As for the ez-b not turning on, I believe this is a reoccurring problem, and a search of the forum my bring up the answer.
The instructions for the charger are on the charger in your photo. Here's a close up...

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The power switch will turn on the robot before the WiFi and audible startup sound is heard. Here's a photo of the switch

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1) Visit the learn section
2) Select your robot (JD) from the courses
3) Follow from the first course, through the other courses

The lesson that refers to connecting to JD is titled "Connecting to JD over WiFi". It is not advised to skip directly to that lesson without completing the previous lessons.
Thanks for that; that is a lot clearer for troubleshooting.
It is now powered. The actual problem was a bent pin (which I noticed during unboxing but assumed it was designed that way). A family member noticed it as well when I asked for some second eyes and once the pin was straightened, it made a proper connection to the battery unit and it powered on! I am happy I don't need to return it and now start learning the robot.
Woo! Now the fun begins:) glad I could help!
here another good pic.

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cool the bat for about 20 minbefore using again.