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I'Ve Been Upgreaded!

Hey! This may be good news! I just got an e-mail from EZ Robot that my order I placed the first day pre order for the V4 was opened has been moved to status: Step 2 of 3) Processing Order!

Hopefully this means I'll have my 3 new V4 EZB soon!

Wow, Christmas again. :D


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Not yet, these goodies are shipped from China, so there will still be an unusual shipping delay.


Not yet, I checked my email and did a login, no order update for me. But I am excited it might be getting closer! Steve S


Mine was ordered in November and i'm still in phase one. I've already expected end of January earliest but I glad your orders are moving along. I can't wait until people start posting their Revolution videos;)


Me as well ! And let the excitement begin lol

United Kingdom

Still in phase one, however that means I can polish off the finishing touches to my Hexapod. Then when revaloution arrives I can strap it on and play away :)

United Kingdom

On processing here too. I don't know how much time will be between processing and shipped though. Once it changes to shipped that's when it comes over on it's boat from China so it could still be a while yet but hopefully it'll be pretty soon now.


Guess "WHO" what came over on the boat from UK? Actually Royal Airmail. "you must be upgraded, upgrading is compulsory"

Cyberwoman can,t wait? Steve S


Mee too, and i was late to the party lol, didnt make my order til nov 8th:) Woohoooo!


Well I just checked mine and mine is phase 2. I placed my order on November 25 and then used my credit to order more on December 5, both are in phase 2 :-} I am anxious, but I do have more parts and add ons coming for my robot. This is my winter project anyways and well we are going to have quite the winter this year, cold and snow for New Years is predicted.


My second order that I just placed last week has also been upgraded. Hope this is just not a clerical thing the office boys are doing. tired


I'm also in phase 2 now:) I had just conceded to all but forgetting about it until it arrived but all of this activity is making me anxious again. I know, I know. Robot people problems. No one needs to hear it. ;P