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Is The Store Gone?

Hello all,
I am trying to buy some EZ-B boards, but I can find the store on the EZ-robot site. Did I miss something? Is the store closed and someone else is selling then?

Airwave1206 *confused*


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Airwave1206 ,
The store is closed and preparing for a new version of EZB.
D.J. said, he did not want to sell the old when new with better features would be released later.
I am sure it will be an advancement of EZ Robot!
Hang in there, things are going to get better!
Thank You,
Steve S
My husband tried to order some additional kits for his school and was told that it had been discontinued. Now, he's looking for another robot kit for his classes. I'm not sure which distributor gave him this information. But, he was just told today, and his purchase order was returned. Since I'm also affiliated with a school and we just picked up 8 kits through Robot Shop, I've started looking around for something different as well. It may be a misunderstanding or something. But, I thought I would check with this website to be sure before I gave up on the product.

So, it's the old EZ Robot Kit that has been discontinued BUT a new kit is being assembled? When will it be available?
As the order page says, should be available around Christmas. You can sign up your email for notification when pre ordering will be available on the order page now.
I'm am not a ez-robot employee but I have been a member for a long time. Don't give up! They are preparing for the first runs of the new mini ezb. Other stores have them in stock at the moment. Some of the affiliates have them in stock. The old board I believe is discontinued in our of the new one replacing it. The only alternative I know of are arduino and that really is not s comparison in overall capability.
Thank everyone,
I know how DJ is and I am sure the new board is going to be great, but I have one Ez-b now and had configured the mounts and the space for 4 more Ez-b's. I know the new board is smaller, but I guess I will just have to wait now and reconfigure my robot controll deck for the new boards.
Thanks for the up date,
Worth noting, while we say 'Christmas' we are doing everything in our power to get the products out as soon as possible.
Last thing we want to do is give an early date and miss it. (Is there anything that would make us look worse?)

We are trying to follow the saying "Under promise, Over deliver!"

United Kingdom
We used to do similar when I was a sparky and had to shut off the power to buildings. So many really grateful people who thought we finished it quickly when the reality was we usually went a little over the time we planned for it :D
Ive also been looking for a new or used EZ-b board. I cant wait til Christmas! Does anyone know of any place to get one? Or have a old 1 they would be willing to part with?
United Kingdom
There was one on ebay, not sure if it's finished now though or not.

I'd offer you one of mine since my projects are now going to be taking a back seat for a while but shipping cost would be stupid. Someone else on here may have one they are willing to part with though.
i can sell one of mine (having 2 here) to you if you /can't live without/ one, it only has been powered up once (to check if it was working), and needs to have a firmware upgrade as every ez-b needs in the beginning ;)

contact me if you want it at ramon.udongein.inaba{*}gmail.com
{*} = @