Is Roomba Movement Panel Broken In Latest Revision Of Synthiam ARC?

Hello Friends (and DJ) I am working a robot for our annual bring a kid to work day.  I dusted off my R2PURR2 Robot :

I have since uploaded the latest ARC.   When I went to run the program, the  Roomba movement controls the robot spins left or right when using the Movement Panel controls but instead of going forward or reverse when pressing those controls, it spins left and right again.    All other controls in the Movement Panel work fine.   I also noted that when I tell the robot to clean it begins working as usual and moves forward with no problem.   I think there might be bug in the source code that is sending the left and right signals to the robot instead of the forward and back as before.

DJ do you have any insight?  Can you check the synthiam code to see if its broken?

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There are two protocols for the Roomba. Did you try the other protocol? And ensure the baudrate is correct as well.

I can take a look at the control and see if anything has changed

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DJ, Thanks for looking at this and happy Easter!  I have now tried two separate Roomba units.   I have a Roomba Red (R2Purr2) and a Roomba Discovery.  I have confirmed that both of them act the same way now.  The forward and reverse no longer works in the movement panel.  Instead, the robots just spin left or right when forward or reverse is hit.  I even started out with a brand new project to make sure it was not anything in my code (only thing is Roomba Control Panel).   They both use the older protocol and everything works great except the forward and reverse commands.  So, I am thinking its a bug on your side.  I could be wrong;).

Also, I used one of my EZB V4s to make sure it was not something hardware specific.  It still does the same thing - no forward/backward just turns left or right.   If you get a quick fix, I would love to know so I can try it out.  I am travelling this week but bring a kid to work day is Thursday.  I love to show off the EZB robots and this year I wanted to show the kids the Roomba hacked ones as well.


Think i found it - i'll publish an update tomorrow. Happy Easter to you as well!


DJ, that's awesome.  I am travelling with my work this week, but I brought R2Purr2 with me so I can continue to prep for BKWD (Bring a Kid to Work Day).   I will keep checking back tonight to see if you post an update to the code for download.  Even if its the beta release that will be fine.    I will look for a new date on the software.


DJ I went back all the way through the 2018 releases and installed those versions and the forward and backward controls did not work still for the Roomba - just went left or right...That’s really odd.  I guess I did not do many updates last year in my downloads of the software.


It works!!! You are amazing and the absolute best!!!