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Iphone 6 And Ipad 2

I have the Galapagos bot and I have loaded the iPhone app, when I use the iPhone app everything connects to the robot but the control all go crazy and the diamond arrow controller does not work. When I use the iPad 2 with iOS 7 the app works better. The bot will walk but only if I go to the controller tab. All the tabs respond correctly. But on the main interface of the app the diamond arrow controller does not work. Only the red stop button works. I do not have a windows PC to do any programming on. I am all apple based. I do have a 3 year old PC laptop running windows 7 but the ARC software will not work on there. So I am mostly counting on the mobile apps. Do the mobile apps need to be configured on a PC first before they will control the bot. I figured the ready made apps would work right away without configuring. Also can you steer me to a tutorial on connecting the wii remote for controlling. Any help would be great


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Can you verify that both of those devices have the latest iOS operating system? If they do not, there will be some issues - this is because Apple iOS does not check for correct minimum versions.

Update the iOS on both devices and report back :)


Yes the iPhone is up to date and the app doesn't work. The iPad is running an older iOS and it runs the robot best, other than the diamond arrow control working. For some reason that is the only thing that doesn't work on the iPad. But the iPhone 6 with latest iOS does not work


Can you upload a screenshot of the app that doesn't work?

I'm having a little difficulty understanding the sentences. To clarify:

  • the movement control work on iPad
  • the movement controls do not work on your iPhone 6

Is that correct?

Also, please perform these steps on your devices...

  1. ensure you have a connection to the Internet (not connected to robot. Power off robot to be sure)

  2. load ARC mobile on your device

  3. select Installed Robot Apps menu option

  4. press Auto Update Apps button

  5. the Galapagos app will update

  6. once it has updated, press back and load the app to try again. I made a slight chance to the app which may solve the issue you were experiencing.


Ok I will try that. Thank you for help. Sorry I guess I wasn't explaining it well enough. When I get time I take screen shots and go further into detail about the problem


No problem:) I read a lot of emails and feedback throughout the day, so sometimes my brain gets clogged and requires a little TLC. I believe the update to the app that i had made earlier today will solve the issue which you are experiencing.


By the way. I love the product. I really like the Galapagos bot. It lives up to all my expectations and more!



your not the only one.


Thank you both, that's great feedback for the team :D


Wow! The bot in the video had such fluid leg movements. Makes me want to get one. But I have enough to play with with JD yet. However, I think I'll download the project on that robot and study the AutoPosition settings for it to see how it is done. Assuming those leg moves came from that project.



its original from dj

United Kingdom



I do have a 3 year old PC laptop running windows 7 but the ARC software will not work on there.

Hey there.

Not that this will directly solve the iOS app issue you posted about (looks like DJ has you covered there), but I'm curious to why ARC PC won't work on your laptop. The minimum requirements for running the PC version of ARC are Window 7 or later, at least 2GB RAM, have at least 50mb of disc space available, and have an Intel Pentium or AMD 64 or 32 Bit 1 GHz CPU installed. I have a 4 year old Windows 7 laptop and a 2GB RAM Windows 8 tablet that both run ARC really well with no issues. You shouldn't have any problems running it.

I mention it because as your enjoying your new Galapagos bot, you will REALLY enjoy ARC PC. It's a fantastic, easy to use and very powerful peace of software, and I'm sure you will love it.

BTW, welcome to the forum. :)


i updated the iphone and all apps.and indeed some dont work,like forwart/backwart/left&right.


Hi Steve G Thanks for your imput. I will try to load again into my pc and show you a snapshot of the error message I get. Maybe you can give me a tip on how to get it running in my pc. I'm a Mac person and pc always gives me problems. Thanks Dave


Just a guess without seeing the error message, but it is most likely that you don't have the proper dotnet framework installed. You need dotnet 4.5 (downloadable from Microsoft)



Great I will try downloading that. Thanks. If I could get that running it would help a great deal. Thank you


Thanks DJ, The iPhone and iPad app now both work fine. One thing though, when I push strafe nothing happens what am I doing wrong with the strafe buttons?


Hi thetechguru, Thank so much you were a great help. I downloaded donet 4.5. And now I was able to load the ARC software on my pc. Thank you for your wonderful help. And thank you DJ for updating the iOS apps.