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Ip Camera

Can you use Ez builder with an IP cam ?


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You can if there is an IP Camera to DirectShow driver/filter. In the video world, they call the drivers "Filters". It's more like an "adapter" or "interface" which conforms the video to a standard.

We use DirectShow, because it's fast and accessable. I am not sure, but i think this might be a filter: http://www.webcamxp.com/download.aspx

Don't quote me on that link. Read the product description first:)
Hi,i just got my ez-b in and can't get ip camera to work with DirectShow driver/filter.
I tried a foscam and panasonic bl camera no luck at all.Need to get ip camera to work because computer running ARC is now with robot (using WiFi and 3 miles apart) :(
Hi Pittom,

Check out one of these:




I am guessing that your IP cam is not jpeg or mjpeg....that is the case I have with one of mine. Both the programs above can set up a connector/filter/driver whatever you want to call it to bridge the video stream to a detectable video interface within EZB. Both of these have freeware versions but they are limited with what you can do. I am actually considering buying the webcamxp (webcam 7).

Good Luck!


they are mjpeg i tried webcamXp,maybe i did not set it up correct i will try them again thanks i'll let u know

the one I have is a FOSCAM and is mjpeg as well. good luck with it...let me know and I can look at how I set mine up....but it did work for me....aside from the watermark......not sure how to get rid of that.


I got it to work, got a new router today and it worked
thanks for all your help

Glad to hear it...was just about to fire up the gear! Awesome....I am not sure how to get the watermark off....I think you have get the PRO version...but I am not sure.