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Iotiny And Camera Questions

I am planning a way to put an EZ-Robot camera on a Quad copter and control it will an IoTiny and then stream the video to an iphone app.
I have 11 Volts and 5 Volts available on the copter.
My question is - what power should I use? or is either one OK?



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Hey Bob...
As long as your 5V (I assume it's from a bec?) can deliver more than 200mA you should be fine. The ioTiny and camera use less than 200mA to run I believe... I also believe the ioTiny will be fine using 11volts as I think it has a built in switching regulator like the ezb4....
Thanks Richard, giving it more thought, I think the 11V would be better as that would give me 1800mA. I just need to know for sure that the Tiny's switching regular can handle the 11 volts.
Either is okay. The 11v is most likely not regulated and direct from the battery, where the 5v is regulated. There's no point regulating the 5v again, so feed the IoTiny the 11v unregulated juice.
Thanks DJ, I'll do that. Can a video be taken and saved on the phone with the mobile app? If so, can you point me in the right direction to find out how to set it up?
Video cannot be saved on the phone with mobile app at this time. If it was supported, it would use the ControlCommand() for the camera similar to how ARC works. All controls use ControlCommand() to speak to each other. If you attempted to use a ControlCommand() on mobile that was not supported, it would present an error in the log file of the mobile device... also you would notice it not working would be the first hint.

Lastly, using the ? (question mark) on any control will present the manual page for that control. THe mobile interface builder manual page is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=196

It has a list of supported controls.
That's what if figured. Is there a way to connect an external mini SD Card to the ioTiny so that recording can be done?
Not without a lot of effort.