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Ios Time Frame

Any new updates for iOS and ezrobot? ( I have to many apple products not to be excited to get to use them LOL) ... Is it still in Apple store limbo waiting to cross the river styx?


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I have an Ipad that is barely used that is going to be used for this when Apple finishes with its verification that things are good with the app. Its funny, when I got it, I thought "What the heck am I going to do with this?" but then thought "EZ-Robot will be putting out an app for it so I won't return it." I know exactly where you are coming from @jayutmb.


WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG OMG ! I am looking now! Richard you been not be teasing !


stress stress stress

Nothing yet stress

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@Jayutmb Richard was replying to your question about news on the iOS, not on the iOS app itself.

Then news, which was posted by DJ this morning was that they are still waiting for Apple.

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I think what Richard ment was that someone else asked about the iOS app earlier today and DJ responded.

Apple like to drag their heels when it comes to releasing new apps to their store, although you would never guess that with the amount of rubbish that they allow to pass through. You would think they would be happy to have a one of a kind robotics app on their store and get a move on. eyeroll


I was blinded by hope lol! Thx guys:) And yea with the amount of BS they let into the app store it totally amazes me that it takes so long .


Sorry for the confusion... As Rich and Steve said, I was just saying that there was an update (news wise) early this morning... Sorry if I got your hopes up dude...


We do not have a response from Apple

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Soon I hope! This is awesome news.


Our fingers are crossed while we wait as well:)


oh man! just cant wait. I have two projects in mind that depends on that... why is taking soooo long... eek