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Interfacing With Roboclaw Controllers

I am using a RoboClaw 2x7A DC motor controller.  It has a .dll file containing functions to access the controller.
My question is, how can I interface the ARC software with the RoboClaw .dll library?
I see that there is a tutorials for creating a new .dll, but I just need to be able to access an existing one.

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#1   — Edited
You have 3 options.

1) make an ARC control. That might be out of your skillset range, but here's the info just in case. Always fun to learn:) :https://synthiam.com/GettingStarted/Behavior-Control

2) RC Control. Page 50 of the user manual for your product explains how to simply connect the motor controller as a servo. That means you use the existing modified servo movement panel. Here's the manual for your controller: http://downloads.ionmc.com/docs/roboclaw_user_manual.pdf

3) Serial mode. Page 55 of the above manual explains the communication protocol for using Serial to an EZ-B. The serial would require you to create some scripting in the custom movement panel

Out of those 3 options, i'd choose #2