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I like the body.....If some one can 3d print the body, it be nice to see how an ez would improve it.
what does it cost?and hovis has similar whit more feathers in .also pepper comes ,
out in febr for 1400 euro a robot from 1.40 cm tall will be hard to defeat.
Yea that's really not that complicated of a body to model if you want it to pretty much look the same. 3d printing would be the most accurate but you could pep it as well if you need it cheap and quick without a 3d printer.
499 dollars,looks similar like the nabaztag rabit,same feathers .
for me it looks to simpel,no eyes ,i dont think he can drive.
Needs some treads or wheels. But otherwise it's cool.
I really like this! I want one.... it's so cute. I'm sure people can basically do the same thing with EZ-Robot tech too. It's a really neat idea. The social cues are spot on.

It does look like a difficult project, though. Lots of programming to make sure that the robot has appropriate, smooth social reactions. My first thought was, can they really make this product in a year? Maybe...
Not bad, very cool. I like the design the way it is, wouldn't really change anything except adding wheels and maybe making it taller. Id buy it! The owner ( if that's her) is pretty hot too! :-)
The only part I couldn't really pinpoint how ez robot would interface is the screen which I'm sure is touch screen and somehow it would need to play animations and show pics ect as called on by script. I know Dj is not a fan of animated faces somehow being integrated but I believe this is a tasteful example of how friendly it can make a machine.:) I'm such a Noob
@Chrissi I like the idea of a robot interfacing through bluetooth or wifi and when I receive voice mails , text messages, emails ect that it notifies me. It's funny how "simple" concepts can be sooo much work. We take a lot for granted these days

The concept is certainly cute and seems like one.of those things you could buy like 3 or 4 of and have one in each room. Like a stationary he robot:)
Attach it to a Roomba. JIBO +Roomba= Rambo lol
oh that's sucks, it is stationary....roomba or discreet wheels "inside the bottom plate"
We were discussing this over on the RPF (Replica Prop Forum). Duct taping to a Roomba was just suggested!

Unfortunately, the Jibo is going to use proprietary base programming, otherwise the Roomba could be added into it and it would be able to follow you around on its own. But I'm sure someone here will hack it! :P
looks awesome i think it would need treads for sure i better save up for one