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It was an publicity ploy by Intel - that robot doesn't really exist - nor can it walk or move. Firstly, even by looking at it you can see the balance would make it impossible to walk. Secondly, Intel's "Robot lab" is pretty weak. Thirdly, they don't have much of an artificial intelligence group either.

The publicity ploy of that robot was surrounding their Galileo development board - which hasn't seen much success. In the space of complicated development boards, it is saturated with similar products: Rasperry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino, etc... So adding another development board that is equally as complicated isn't helping anyone.

I guess the analogy is, Arduino was a success in 2006. Raspberry Pi was a success in 2012. Now creating anything equally as complicated is more of an annoyance to consumers. Specifically since the "Maker" culture/fad has slimmed down. People have moved onto wanting easier and more robust products with immediate results.


D.J., I really do not want a tee shirt! I am glad, Edit, "Intel", is waking up to robotics. Very happy I found EZ Robot. Besides building my fulfilling robot, I am even happier to introduce EZ Robot to my oldest grandson Hunter. We spent yesterday afternoon helping Hunter work on his 1st robot, who his 8 yrs old. He caught on to the simple syntex by himself, Say ("Thank you"), and started writing this simple speech script. This is what it is really about! Teaching a new culture. I enjoyed taking robots to schools, but now even better. Thank You, Steve S


Wow, at 8 years old and already getting into robotics? That's great to hear Steve!


Now, is it Hunter that is eigth years old, or is it the robot that is 8 years old?

Just kidding!haah!


MovieMaker, Here is a sneak preview of Hunter cutting his robot arms.

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