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Intel Core-I7-4790K Mini Itx Pc Vs Latte Panda For Robot Main Pc Control

While i was looking through my options of a small form facter pc with plenty of computational power and read and write ability, i stumbled accross the intel core i7-4790K mini itx pc. The i7-4790K is a quad-core 4.0ghz base clock cpu with turbo up to 4.4ghz and stable overclocking to 4.6ghz with capable 32gb ddr3 ram/possibly 64gb ram ddr3, not sure forgot to check, but any ways it also can use gtx titan gpu's and i believe they are 4tb hdd/250 ssd capable, plus usb external hhd/ssd and nvme ssd as well at a really afford price, ive seen several motherboards with cpu and 8gb ram any where from $150-$300. When comparing the core i7-4790K mini itx pc to latte panda alpha 8gb honestly, for the price it just makes more since to use the i7-4790K for its quad core 4.0/turbo4.4/oc 4.6 cpu vs latte panda alpha's dual core 2.8/turbo 3.4 cpu, even if latte panda comes out with a quad-core, the i7-4790K is still a better deal. Also just last yea 2019 the i7-4790K was still being used on the robocup torniments, i found online here in the line below. So any of you interested in using i7-4790K mini itx vs latta panda now?

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I can't follow, you are running in circles...

There are thousands of hardware combinations out there perfect for robots, the decision should be based on price and requirements.

I have the following boards: Raspberry PI 2B, 3B, 3B, 3B+ 4 (4 GB) NVIDIA Nano Google Coral Edge board Odroid xu

Are they good for robotics ? Yes, Do you recommend ? Yes  Do they run fully Synthiam ARC ? No

If you are here (Synthiam Forum) the discussion is biased and is related to Synthiam software / EZ-Robot hardware, so you are looking for hardware to support Synthiam ARC.

DJ recommended an entry level (affordable) board to run Arc: Latte panda.

So you have your affordable choice to run Synthiam Arc.

Are there better options ? Depends... to do what ? Did you browsed the forum ? Did you check the existent projects ?  Do you see anyone complaining about speed ?  Do you know Synthiam ARC ?

an iCore7 , iCore 9, nvidia GPUs for machine learning, tesla batteries, vylodyne lidars, 3d depth cameras, moog actuactors (designed for aerospace) are definitely good choices, if you can afford, go for it!

bear in mind when you reach those levels, you don't need ARC.

So once again ...if  you are here you is because you like robots and your are not a professional Robotics or lab engineer and ARC can help you to get a fun experience.

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So the i7-4790K mini itx won't  run the synthiam software? I though it runs ARC on intel computers or amd computers as long as it had win 10, 6gb ram and 200 hhd? I know latte panda, and the others you mention have built in arduino microcontrollers, but cant ARC work with the ezbv4 and a mini itx windows 10 pc just the same?also i dont mean to be biased on which is better i only mean for price stand point that can still be used for late useage after gained experience, without buying the more expensive scb's that have less core and clock speeds that around the same size of itx's. Also just looked up all the specs of every board u named and all are pretty weak in comparison to clock speed and cores except the odroid xu with its octa core but even then its clock speed its to low. Im just looking at option stand points that will save money not only for me but any one else in the forum, who dont have a huge budget to speed on small scb that cost twice as much as a mini itx with lest power and speed that cost half the price and can be used after beginner stages like how pc's were used before all this maker boards came around. At the end of the day, a less cost effective alternative for computing is better than a more costly one, and gives more room for upgrading your project faster and get longer useability later on



So the i7-4790K mini itx won't run the synthiam software?
Incorrect, I never said that. If it runs windows runs Arc.


I didnt say u never said it wouldn't i just asked but do u see where im trying to come from, robotics isnt cheap, but where there is a will there is a way and im just tryn to help out my fellow comrades, who are trying to do the same in my shoes.


Guess the main deciding factors are...

  1. is there enough space in the robot

  2. is there enough power (i.e. does the robot require a AC plug into the wall or run off batteries)

  3. can it run Windows (therefore capable of running ARC)

  4. does it break your budget

Work within those constraints and you're good to go:D

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Good point dj, looking at it from the view point makes a lot of sense. Thanks dj.  Ptp also wow that's alot for just the cpu, ive been seeing used already together mini itx pc's for sale on ebay and facebook market place for $150-300, i probably should have specified my sources lol, but yea the latta panda alpha brand new vs brand new i7-4790K minus board and components makes more sense to go latte panda lol, ive been so used to salvaging parts for my pc's and buying used i forget how much buying it new can be so costly lol my bad yo


Well the Latte panda original is working perfectly for my needs with a 7" HDMI touch panel but waiting on ARC for mobile so I can just use an Android Tablet which would be huge saving on battery power!