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If you are using the ezb4 with your inMoov, why would you use any other camera other than the ezb4 camera? Seems kind of weird to buy a Honda but use a Toyota engine, doesn't it?


Hercules Twist webcam has been used with MyRobotLab. Not sure ezbv4 would be compatible.


My InMoov has an onboard computer. I use the Hercules Twist webcam for the eyes connected via USB to the computer. There are 7 other cameras (5 of which are the EZ-Robot cameras) for other purposes.


Where do you place the EZ-Robot camera in inmoov robot.


I have 5 EZ-B controllers on my inmoov. It isn't necessary to do this, but I did it because I had them already. I will have one camera in each shoulder (right and left view), one at the waist in the back(lower back view), one at the base of the neck (back view high), one in the base of the robot (low front view). I also have two of the twist cameras in the eyes and two cameras in the chest above my screen.

The goal is when a sound is heard above a certain db level to be able to turn on the camera that is in the direction of the sound to see if I see a face. If a face is detected, then I would turn the robot in that direction. This will prevent power hungry motors from needing to be used as much, giving longer battery life. That is the theory anyway.

The two on the chest will be used for binocular distance measuring. The two in the eyes will be used for recording and face recognition, object tracking. The others are more for environmental condition information.

My goal is to do away with most of the other sensors like ping and IR sensors. I would like to be able to do most sensory analysis through cameras. I believe this is the future of robotics and am trying to push the envelope to see what is possible going down this path.

Because I have 5 EZ-B's on the robot, each having a port just waiting to be used with a camera, I figure that I will use the EZ-B cameras. This allows me not to have to add additional USB ports to the onboard robot computer.


My camera is in the left eye. .... seems like a good place for it:)


Hey guys. Has anyone made an alternative Inmoov camera mount that would properly fit the ezb camera? I've nearly completed the head but am having some difficulty making room for the connector and cable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@willbot1, I have an EZ-Robot camera in the eye of my InMoov. I got mine to fit by using a Dermel tool to cut the inside of the eye ball so the camera would fit, them hot glued the camera in. Nothing fancy but it works find.


Thanks for the quick reply. Simple is good. I will try the dremel.


Or any USB camera will work if it's an onboard PC:). ARC uses USB cameras as well, in case you wanted to use one that fit the eye better according to other inmoov users.


Thanks Dj, that's a great alternative. I will likely add a notebook to the build later. For now i just want to get his head and upper torso assembled and tested quickly to verify things are built correctly and working as planned....also its the only camera i have for now ? I will try Bob Houston's idea this evening and maybe post the results if anyone is interested. Thanks again guys! Super excited by the idea of bringing together the ez-b and the Inmoov project so the speedy replies are very helpful and much appreciated.