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Inmoov Project Update


Connected head to torso. Working on arms and hands next. Having issues with tracking. Movement jumpy and inaccurate.. suggestions welcome. One eye operational, other eye hope use with Face Recognition that is being worked on in this site.


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How sweet is that! The Inmoov is what inspired me to get into robot building and thanks to DJ it has become a passion. Your printing of what we can see looks very good, so why is the printer not performing well now?

I am using Makerbot Replicator 2. It is about month old and I have about 200 hours on it printing InMoov.

Some parts come out perfect, others warp or break coming off the rafts... Tried many settings but still having issues.

I have tried rafts and no rafts and still l have issues.. Have not tried the tape method yet.

20% of the parts were junk and threw away. 20% more are marginal but I am using.

Concept is fantastic and this printer is ok for hobbyist but not sure it is good enough for anything else.

I am a software programmer for a company that sells and now is making parts for locomotives.

I love to see us start using for prototyping parts, but I am not sticking my neck out on this printer.

I am having issues with servos moving smoothly and I will work on today.

The EZ robot servos are too small for this guy, neck and head so I am using HS-805BB's for now.

I am using EZ servos for mouth and it will probably work well when I get to the hands.

Working on printing arms today, shoulder done but I am waiting for relays now.
United Kingdom
Loving the Inmoov. Thanks for sharing the videos and if you struggle too much getting ARC running it smoothly enough just ask, we will help you get there (I'd love to see an EZ-B powered Inmoov! And since I can't justify building one myself I'm so happy someone else is :))
I love the inmoov too. I'm thinking I may build the hands and maybe forearms one day. I've seen a bunch of vids focused on those parts so I have a good comprehension on how to do it. @Jack- Nice work I can't wait to see more.
If the speed of motion isn't important to you, and that you are using servos, you can try lowering the servo speed. My camera's pan/tilt was very jumpy on my projects so, I've done this to get a smoother motion with them. That's all I got right now.;)
Also @jack to what Antron has said you can "ramp up" to speed and ramp down to reduce the jitters! :)