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Init Start

in the init i can see the servo's d1 and d0 are set slower.
i try to ad servo id d2 and d3/d7/d4 but they dont slow down.
when jd goes in to calibrate postion it go's so almost violently fast.
can this be changed ?

thanks anyone


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does they need to be set like this ?

(D0, 4)
(D1, 4)
(D2, 4)
(D3, 4)
(D4, 4)
(D7, 4)
1) I don't know what those brackets and numbers are referring to

2) you cannot change the speed of first time servo initialization because the servos have no previous position
choulders&upper arms D4&D7&D2&D3 in chest

when i set servo first like the grippers ,would it work then,
to slow them down.