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Independent Control Of Roli Arms An Hands With Ms Joystick

Rather than moving frame by frame for positioning of Roli's arms, I want to be able to control the arms with the microsoft pc- joystick. This way when I demo this to kids they can see the world through Roli's camera and attempt to pick up an object by controlling the arms. How would I do this within the joystick control setup or via scripting?


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You can script the buttons to servos and even map the right hand stick to servos as well... Load the joystick control and have a look...


I know how to setup joystick controls in general. I'd like to see an example of using the a script to calculate the position of the servos from the joys stick. Any snippets of code?


There should be an example on using the joystick within ARC.... check the ARC examples and or example projects and see if there is one... To be honest I learned how to use the joystick control by just messing with it. Trying this, trying that and seeing how it changed things and how it affected my project... It's not hard, you just have to spend some time with these ARC controls to see how they work in general....


Scripting is a bit difficult to teach because there is so many ways to do things... If I knew exactly what you wanted to do I am sure I can script it. However, my way is my way. It may not jive with the way you do things... What you kind of need to do is take a stab at it yourself and see how far you get. No offense but you won't learn much if I or someone else does it for you. If you get stuck you can always come on and ask specific questions and even better if you post your project we can help fill in the blanks if you have any.


You wouldn't need to use code - if you didn't want too. Press the CONFIG button on the Joystick control and select the Joystick #2 tab and select the servos that you wish to control with it. It's real easy:)


Guys, I've been coding for years. I'm an electrical engineer with 26 U.S. experience.

Here is what I want to accomplish: Use joystick to drive around rover....easy I know how to do that.

Press a button and change the mode so that now I can control rovis head or arms separately.

I'll poke around some more.


You can do that, but does your joystick have two joysticks on it? ie, what joystick are you using