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Asked — Edited

Increased Ping Sensor Range And Calibration

Thanks DJ for increasing the sensitivity of the PING sensor!

Whatever magic you did with the code has really made a huge difference. I do have a few questions however with how the sensitivity increase has managed to affect the Controls. Now the ping sensor shows 255 when nothing is in front of it. My sensor starts to pick up objects at about 70 inches now! Amazing. The previous versions of ARC had inches as units. I think it maxed out at 24 inches if I am not mistaken....so this is awesome!

My question is about the configuration of the ping controls.

Radar Control
Min distance before turn pulldown only allows up to 60

Ping Collision
Min distance only allows up to 50

Is there anyway to make these values higher given the new sensitivity of the sensor? My bot moves along at a decent pace and hits the wall well before the sensor hits the limit (not sure if these numbers were based on the old 'inches' unit measure).

I could be missing something.....if so any/all help greatly appreciated!




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Ah! Thanks kevin. I must have forgotten to change those values.

The issue before was calibrating to inches. Because there is so much going on inside the EZ-B, there are very few processor cycles available to each "job". I managed to squeeze some more room in for the ping sensors, while maintaining 70 servo positions.

I'll make those ARC changes for u:)
Thanks DJ! Awesome!


Ah Ha!!! Found this thread trying to figure out why my BoxBot was getting so close to walls. Ping sensor settings are no longer in inches!!

@dj I have not gotten ez board yet but is there options to have more than one ping sensor. For example one in the head to avoid tables that are too low for it , but also a sensor at wheel level to avoid objects on the floor? Ideally is love to have 3 to 5 eventually. One in the head and one on front , back , and sides so it can keep a minimum distance on the sides? Thanks a lot
I only have one Ping sensor, so can't complete the test, but ARC does not complain when I add two radar controls, unlike when I add two camera controls or two movement panels, so I would say it is a good bet you can have multiple sensors.

If you are going to have several, you might want to look at the parralax board which only uses one port (transmits and receives on the same signal wire). I saw that Radio Shack is carrying them locally for $30something. I think a lot of hobby shops carry them too if you don't want to wait on shipping from internet providers.