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Inmoov Kinect Function

Hi, I'm diving into InMoov and have thus far just been printing parts with abandon while I finish researching everything else.  I have totally decided to go with EZ-Robot rather than MRL for obvious reasons, but I have found conflicting information about whether I can use the Kinect with EZR.

Beyond whether I can use it or not, I'm a little unclear what the purpose of it is.  It looks like the only useful thing is that the robot can mimic your movements which is nice and all but I can't think of a real practical use for it.  From what I have read there are other proximity sensors which do a better job at shorter distances and the cameras would track movement so I'm just unclear on the need for the Kinect.

Please enlighten me? Thanks, Chris

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Recording your movements helps your create animations easily. Animations can be triggered by various user interactions or act as templates for autonomous responses. The Kinect works with ARC, created by synthiam. It works with any supported hardware, not just Ezrobot’s controllers. The controller is responsible for hardware like servos and such, not usb devices like the Kinect. The Kinect connects to the pc with ARC.

We’re always working at making information available. Can you tell me where you looked to find the information that you found uncertain? And was the manual page or search function not useful or difficult to find? This will help us undersfand how to make information more accessible. Thanks!

The kinect control can be found in the manual here: theres another Kinect control in the manual created by ptp as well.

ARC has been proven limitless. The examples you’ve seen are merely that, examples. There’s no reason you can’t do anything else. ARC is very unlike mrl or anything else because it’s not just a bunch of pre-created programs for you. ARC let’s you design and build what you wish.

Ezrobot is the maker of the ezb v4 and iotiny hardware. Synthiam makes ARC, which works with Ezrobot, arduino, raspberry pi, Robotis, etc... So it doesn’t matter what controller you decide to use. Although for the most bang, the ezrobot controllers give you audio and video, where the others don’t.


Hi Splashdwn1

I never used the Kinect on my inmoov. I printed up covers for the gap. You can find a few different versions on Thingiverse. I wasn't imaginative enough to figure out a good use for it give the same reasons you stated. If you have one, go for it. As DJ said, EZB will support it. I used AutoPosition to generate all my poses.