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Im Back :D

Hello all im back and here to stay im now up in the north west of BC canada in a small city called Terrace its so small i find it hard to beleave its a city and not a town lol
I moved into a little apartment the other day and soon will be saving up to build my first robot and kinda thinking about trying to start some sort of robotics club here as i feel alot of the youth here could realy benafit from it and feel that this comunity would do alot to help get it started as thay have done alot to help me and made me feel vary welcome here
Sofar i dont have a computer here yet just my ipod but i feel that soon will change so i should be back in the chat room soon maybe another month or so
Hope to be able to chat vary soon

Your friend


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Awesome dude!!!!

I just looked to see where you were. Wondering if it was worth a drive someday to Calgary. BUT! You're like a million miles away! Holy! Bet it's beautiful up there this time of year:D
It is nice up here and when it gomes to going to calgary i do have family there and would probly take the train and have been thinking about a trip there some time before fall if i can aford to
Awesome dude! Let me know:)
You will be the first to know lol
Wazup Wolfie! Glad you are back!