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If You Are In The Usa , Aproximately, How Many Days Does It Take For Your Packag

Just curious about how many days. How long did it take your package to arrive?



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I received a tracking message last nignt to expect delivery today.

Package was picked up August 20th in China, was in Ohio last night, is scheduled to be delivered today in Pennsylvania.



Wow! that was fast. You must've paid Extra for shipping.

United Kingdom

Shipping from China is always quick. It'll be around the same as the older V3 shipping times were I would imagine.

I know that it took 3 or 4 days for my V3s to arrive to the UK which is quicker than I thought.


If they use DHL it is quick. If they ship normal post, it can be a month or more. I believe these go DHL. DHL ships via air to USPS, who will then deliver it to you. I think they get by customs or something.

This is my experience when getting things delivered from China anyway. I have always gotten what I ordered.


Depends on how it was shipped.... When I order stuff off of eBay (from China)... It sometimes can take more than a month to get to me...


About 3-4 days then. What I have seen is normally it sits at the USPS longer than it takes to get to them from China. You will have your package soon! WHOOT! I had some issues with DHL about 4 years ago, but haven't had issues since then.


I am talking about my order from EZ-Robot. I got an email saying it was shipped. I am just trying to know when to expect it. I have gotten other orders from 4-6 weeks. but not from EZ-robot.


Hey! I just checked my status and it said that it was with the courier out on the truck for delivery! YEH!

I got my package. It was all smashed. But EZB 4 seemed to be "OK".


@MovieMaker..... God help us!..... :P

Kidding.... enjoy.... :)