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If Any One Needs A Electronic Designs

contact me,can help design any circuit for free
and build it if you buy the parts for free too
dont need an money


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@robot maker
Where in the docs did you find this has an 8ohm output? Trying to find the specs on the low level audio signal?
I want to add cliff/edge detection to my Wall-E, i know i need Sharp IR sensor, but where to mount it, how do I connect to EZ-B and setup in ARC? Thanks
mount on bottom,measure the wall-e to floor and sensor you want at a angle like about 2 inches in front,doesnt meen to place the IR sensor in front just the detection light ,use adjustable digital IR
MY AVATAR PHOTO above my name has some on brackets about 45 deg brackets,can see about getting a bteer photo of my IR for edge detection,then a simple script to control or stop motors
Im gonna need a bit more details, what model of IR sensor? i can't visualize what you're saying, and how do you wire to EZ-B? example of script would help too or just post a EZB file if easier for you.
on the sensor is this one

sharp gp2d15
then since you are using a wall-e need to change to the lowest 10cm setting

adjusting sharp gp2d15 IR SENSOR


to use it on wall-e place in about the center on front edge at a angle using a rule so that sensor is about 4 inches (10cm) to the floor
reason to set at a angle so the robot will stop in time before fall off a cliff or stairs
also on stopping the motors its not STOP you need its BRAKE command
What if I already have the hcsr04 sensor at the bottom of wall-e? Can I mount the ir behind it pointing down 45 degree? Also do i need to mount vertically or horizontally? Also I'm running servos for wheels not motor so I think stop script will work.
horizontally,widest distance,vertical is for wall corners and like small detection ,like a chair leg
place behind it ,but make shore it doesnt hit the sensor
do you have the sonar facing forward or down to floor,down to floor not great
read the post on using sonars and IR sensors
I have the SR04 facing forward for obstacle detection. Basically all I want wall-e to navigate himself without bumping into things and without dropping off a table.
that sounds good,i am doing the same with my WALL-E,but only have it apart,and bought parts
working to finish first my orobot roomba project,then brookstone rover project
both have up in forum,then omnibot 200 design,bought over 20 robot toys to hack,have 10 EZB and 6 bluetooth camera's
wow looks like you are going to very busy, so many bots so much investment, i got Wall-E, R2D2, Buster, Robie SR, and Omnibot 2000 and i think i have way too much already, need to sell some other R/C heli stuff to recover costs...hehe.

What about this ir sensor? small size, 5ma, good price, perfect range for Wall-E.


Still needs help with hook up to EZ-B board and scripting part. What if I want obstacle detection when wall-e goes reverse as well, is this unnecessarily? if not, what do i need?
thats one i am using ,couldnt remember the part # at the time,it does take one screw witch is kinda bad,pololu is where i get alot of parts from,i think i have 8 left from a batch of 25
super simple to hook up one pin is gnd ,one pin is 5 volts,one goes to digital pin
for reverse you need one in back of the robot

i also have robbie SR,3 types of R2-D2, 2 types of omnibots,plus rover AR DRONE PARROT ,3 types of RAD robots and alot more
ok just to make sure, im gonna need two of those polulu IR sensors, one for cliff detection and one for back of wall-E, in front i will be using Sonar SR04. Sounds good? Also can you post a script example when you have time?

You have an army of bots, post a pic with all of them together, would be a cool avatar pic too:)
most taken apart ,boxed and label with parts i bought for them,some i can post
F.... I may also take you up on that. I will need some sort of board that I can hook up Spykee's base, there's some hacks on-line that you can hook up robosapien and I have a head that I will be adding some servos to.

Hahahaha... Louis I did the same thing. Selling some sculpting stuff and other craft stuff to get more stuff for robots.
robotmaker...i gotcha, i dont want to do that until i finish wall-e, no space for everything apart.

sfoy...good to know im not the only one:)
i have 3 large area,tech and computer room,storage 12 by 12 feet and work shop 12 by 40 feet

@SFOY hope to send you my robots tail so you can fix it ,by monday
have to remove the rubber glue inside and measure the tail complete
F.. we all wish we had your space. Jealous....

L... You are definitely not the only one. Lots of help here.
hurt my eye and elbow a little wednesday,fell off the ladder doing work on my roof
i am ok,just very sore and black and blue eye,so not much robot work for a few days *stress*
Ouch..... glad you are ok