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Identification Error On Camera

Hello, I have just purchased the EZ-BV4 camera to use for my spider robot, I followed the instructions and put in an action for face recognition, but when I
identified it there was no action and I waited for almost half a minute to wait for the blue square border to appear. Even when I  setting the speech for the robot, no words came out when identifying  on camera from EZ-B and the robot not only did not respond to face recognition but the color did not react (I tried the green guava)? Other operations on the robot are normal
thanks you very much!;)

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Hello @joinny

Can you send us some pictures of your camera control settings?

Can you also let us know what scripts you are using inside or outside the camera control?

The symptoms of what you are describing are hard to diagnose without some more information.
oh, sorry for the late reply, it's basically working, but there are some bugs in Blockly that it doesn't make a voice when detection and is instead a red flashing on Ez-B(only the voice does not work when the camera detection, and the robot movements are normal). but sometimes I don't ask for anything on the camera then suddenly there are some voices coming out when it automatically identify some objects that I have not programmed before. I can only give you some pictures but it will does not reflect this error! thanks you!!!!:p
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

for speech sayezb click in the text box.

User-inserted image
#4   — Edited
In Blockly neither of those commands are waiting. In the tutorials, you’re taught to use waiting (blocking) commands. 

change the Auto Position to the wait command.

it is not a software error. The code is executing correctly. It’s merely the incorrect code. Use wait commands so you can wait until the command is complete. Otherwise, nothing will happen because the program will run so fast. 

I recommend following some tutorials. There’s some great tutorials on ezrobot’s website here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/

specifically, you will find tutorials on doing exactly what you’re attempting to do.