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Ideas For Wall-E Features?

I found out that my wall-e is very boring to people over the age of 10. does anyone have any ideas on how to make a little robot the centre of attention? what could Wall-e do to get noticed?


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I've drawn up a blank trying to think of something. can anyone think of something?


Music / Sound Effects Dance Routines Fricken Laser Beam Follow the Red Ball script FPV Goggles to control him

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Play with the Auto Position :)

Everything Lumpy said. Make it tell jokes.

Add it all to the personality generator and let him be autonomous.

And I have been over the age of 10 for around 23 years, Wall-E still rocks :D


make him shoot lasers and have a band saw or include a computer inside with a hasswell processor and use him for your personal pc


I have the soundboard control added to my project and a script to play one of the sounds randomly as part of my random personality generator. I personally love the RPG. I haven't got much coding into it but it's fun to just turn it on and let it do whatever.


thanks for the responses. I like the laser beam idea.

have a dance routine already set up. same with the red ball.

I would do autonomous but he isn't all that good a navigating. I set up a script that tells him to go forward. then if he gets close to something it tells wall-e to back up a bit. then spin around until the sensor says its all clear in front of him.

too small for a pc in him. maybe if I get a rad.

can we think of anything else? we're on a roll right now!

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Autonomous doesn't just mean navigation;) It means self governing, independent...


Acting independently or having the freedom to do so: "an autonomous committee of the school board".

Do more dance routines. Add more music. When asked to dance make him pic the music and routine.

P.S. You wont fit a PC in a Rad without adding in a riser in the base.


Most adults who see my Wall-e really want it to dance. I think that's the best part to anyone


I think the laser idea would be funny.

suddenly, a deep booming voice turns on and says, "Your being targeted", and a red laser comes from wall-e aimed right at your head. Cute but deadly.

I guess I need to add stuff into his personality generator.


I want to see wall-e dance too!



I put a smoke sensor in mine.

so its nice, hes doing his own thing on my desk. if I blow smoke in his direction he "reacts"


hoolagen1, We don't want to promote smoking to minors. TechnoPro only about 12 I think.

Now, how about this?.... Have him start smoking, shaking and then blow up! That will get someone's attention! Of course he can only do it just once. :P

Sorry, couldn't resist. I was remembering the old WB cartoon with Daffy Duck where he was auditioning for a part and did the above skit. I thought it was a scream when I was a kid and still think about it with a smile. IN fact here's a link to a Youtube vid of this same cartoon:

That's the kind of stuff my generation grew up watching. No wonder we have so many problems. eek Heck, I grew up in the 60 and watched all of Irwin Allen's shows. He was always blowing up stuff and had explosions all the time for special effects.

You could do something like that but without the blowing up part (and dangerous explosives). Call it the self district option. Smoke, shaking, lights, screaming... the works and then full dark.


oh my! sorry. didn't realize the age.

nothing to see here...


Oh, don't worry. I choke when I walk by someone smoking, so theres no chance. I'm 13 by the way.

Thanks for the ideas. They've given me some ideas... :D


That's right. I seem to recall you getting a Rad for your birthday? Have you updated that post lately?


No worries hoolagen1. Just kidding around. I'm sure Technopro is fully capable of getting into trouble without our help. ;)

Sorry Technopro, didn't know you had a b-day. blush


In regards to hooligans idea of using a smoke detector , perhaps Technopro could detect candle smoke (Birthday boy:) )or incense! and create a funny/cool behaviour.......not to mention a pizza smoke detector hahah....I can just envision a Wall-E frantically going in circles yelling out " your pizza is smoking(another pun) :)


Technopro, Everyone likes various dancing modes on robots, lots of requests. After numerous demonstrations, thats what people ask for.

Dave S, Sure like the cartoon, I can relate, very creative response. Steve S


Thanks guys! what I was thinking is a temperature sensor so that when its hot wall-e can spray his water gun arm(that ill build) and someone when he's told to track faces. :D


light density! so the wall e knows when the light are on or off. or a fingerprint sensor....

or.....the "eyelids" cut them out and add micro servos....make his face as animated as possible.

I will upload a video of my smoke sensor in california so it might be a little later in the evening.