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Idea: It Would Be Nice To Have Ocr

Just a thought. It would be nice for us to be able to read text from the camera. I am sure that would be very hard, however. But, just a thought . . . . in case it is just a hop skip and a jump from Glyph reading.

Also, the ADC ports have a meter for my temperature sensor. It shows up on the meter. It would be nice to have degrees F and C labels on it.

I just hooked up my PIR and it is working GREAT. I have completely tore down my Marty robot and completely rebuilt her. She is sort of the same as before but, I have the notebook in a location where I can do tel-presence. But the main thing I did was graduate to thicker servo extension cables.

I am in the process of navigation which I could never do before because of those cheap cables made the sensors unreliable. Now, I have a second chance at Navigation.

wish me luck! . . . . .



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May luck be with you!:)
Thank You or Gracious or however you say it.

You should post progress and vids of your build mel. I dont want to be one of the only robot fanatics posting updates;)
I will see what I can do. I made perfect arms and grippers only to find that they touched the floor when in the down position. Crazy! I never did that when I was young. Little AGE related stuff. I will have pix soon, I hope.

As far as Videos, wish me luck. I have an apartment so small we have to back up to turn around. It is an old age high rise. Navigation is the ONLY problem that I haven't mastered yet. But since the rebuild, I have solved the problem with the sonars, I think. I now have to reprogram everything.
Touched the floor? Thats great so it could pick stuff up:p
@movieMaker, press the CONFIG button on the Read ADC control and you can add a unit title and multiplier to display any unit:)
Thank You, my friend!

But, I don't Exactly know what the multiplier would be. But, maybe I could experiment.


I meant the hand would not go down without hitting on the floor. Too dangerous to keep on the robot, so, I had to shorten them.

:D :D
@DJ With regards to the title and multiplier (been there done that), how does one change or get rid of the N/A that shows up as well?

@MovieMaker it is a big mathematical question between the ADC voltage (0-5v) and the scale of the data you want... I do not like math *stress* so I compared with data from another source (in my case a multimeter) and tweeked the multiplier until the results matched:P
I am just wanting to display the temperature from a temperature sensor. In degrees F.
@moviemaker, there are hundreds of thousands of sensors on the market. To make things worse, each sensor model has sub-models with different ranges. Each sensor is calibrated and returns a different value. It would be impossible for me to create a control for every sensor - so instead, the ADC control allows a multiplier:)

Simply check the Datasheet for your sensor. It will specify a range of voltage and degrees.