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I2c In C# Not Reading Values

I have mpu-6050 6dof imu. I want to read the value of who_am_i register with register number 0x75. The register returns address 0x68. But I am getting 255. The device address is 0x68 as well.
Code is as follows:

byte[] ret = ezB_Connect1.EZB.I2C.Read(I2C.ReadArgsEnum.Auto,0x75,1);

here is the register description for the device:RM-MPU-6000A.pdf

I checked my imu with arduino and it works fine. So, any help here?


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You got it working? Can you share your code please:)
Sure! But it will take a couple of days in applying the filter and all, then I would share the final product!:)
awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing your success:D
I have mpu-6050 too and i try to read the value from C# and i have some problems...

I tried this command :
and it does't work cause there is this method "I2C.ReadArgsEnum.Auto" more over the read method accept only 2 values....
Does it exist some where a sample to use the device mpu-6050 by using C# ?

*confused* *confused*
Please share your code.

Also, in visual studio there is auto complete, which shows you the command syntax as you type.

Removed duplicate thread.
ps, i upgraded the EZ-SDK today - ensure you upgrade as well.

Now that i'm in front of a PC, here's example code...


public class MPU6050Example {

MPU6050 _mpu;

public FormMPU6050() {


// Create the mpu6050 object
// Include a reference to the EZB (most likely in your EZB Connection UserControl)
_mpu = new MPU6050(ucEZBConnect1.EZB);

private void btnInit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

// Init is required before you can begin obtaining data

void getData() {

try {

EZ_B.Classes.MPU6050Cls response = _mpu.GetData();

// do something with the data

} catch (Exception ex) {

// handle your exception
} finally {

Hi DJ Sures
You are crédible :-) , i just ask a new api and you made it in few minutes. thank you very much. I have included your code in my visual studio and tried to print the value of the Gyro but the values of the gyro are initials

label2.Text = response.GyroX.ToString(); // value 0
label3.Text = response.GyroY.ToString(); // value 0

there is something wrong in my code i think. i keep on to look for and keep you inform
thank you again. *tired*
Hi DJ sures
It's OK, that works fine when i call the init function before the get data.
Thank you have a good week end.
Bye Christophe
Hi DJ Sures
My projet works fine but I have just a remark to say. I think that you have reversed :
- the value GyroX with the AccelX
- the value GyroY with the AccelY
Thank you again.
Bye Christophe
The data collected is correct, they are not reversed.


public Classes.MPU6050Cls GetData() {

_ezb.I2C.Write(0x68, new byte[] { 0x3B });

byte [] everything = _ezb.I2C.Read(0x68, 14).Reverse().ToArray();

Classes.MPU6050Cls cls = new Classes.MPU6050Cls();

cls.AccelX = BitConverter.ToInt16(everything, 12);
cls.AccelY = BitConverter.ToInt16(everything, 10);
cls.AccelZ = BitConverter.ToInt16(everything, 8);
cls.TmpC = (BitConverter.ToUInt16(everything, 6) / 340) + 35;
cls.GyroX = BitConverter.ToInt16(everything, 4);
cls.GyroY = BitConverter.ToInt16(everything, 2);
cls.GyroZ = BitConverter.ToInt16(everything, 0);

return cls;