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I Want To Know How To Use Startlistening In Bing Speech Recognition With A Scrit

Even after adding the script with controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StartListening");, Bing Speech Recognition does not work when starting. I want to know how to make Bing Speech Recognition work in the script. Also, even if I say the wake word in Bing Speech Recognition, the robot does not start listening. What should I do?

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To use the StartListening command with Bing Speech Recognition in your ARC project, you should ensure that the ControlCommand() is correctly formatted and that the Bing Speech Recognition skill is properly configured and connected to the internet. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Check Internet Connection: Bing Speech Recognition requires an active internet connection to function. Ensure your robot or controlling PC is connected to the internet.

  2. Correct Skill Name: Make sure that the name of the Bing Speech Recognition skill in your project matches exactly what you are using in the script. The name is case-sensitive and must be enclosed in quotes.

  3. Correct Command Syntax: The script should use the correct syntax for the ControlCommand(). Here's an example of how to use it in EZ-Script:

    ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StartListening");

    If you're using Blockly, JavaScript, or Python within ARC, make sure to use the appropriate syntax for those languages.

  4. Skill Configuration: Open the Bing Speech Recognition skill settings and ensure that it's configured correctly. Check the language, microphone settings, and any other relevant options.

  5. Wake Word Sensitivity: If the wake word is not triggering the listening state, you may need to adjust the sensitivity or confidence level of the wake word detection. This can be done in the Bing Speech Recognition skill settings. Lower the confidence level if it's not recognizing your wake word, or try a different wake word that might be more distinct.

  6. Audio Input Device: Verify that the correct audio input device (microphone) is selected and properly configured in both Windows sound settings and ARC. The microphone should be able to pick up your voice clearly without too much background noise.

  7. Test Manually: Before using the script, test the Bing Speech Recognition skill manually by clicking the "Start Listening" button within the skill to ensure it's functioning as expected.

  8. Script Execution: Ensure that the script containing the ControlCommand() is being executed. You can add a print() statement before and after the ControlCommand() to confirm that the script is running.

  9. Check for Errors: Look for any error messages in ARC's debug console that might indicate what the issue is.

  10. Update ARC: Ensure you have the latest version of ARC, as updates often include fixes and improvements for robot skills.

If you've gone through these steps and the Bing Speech Recognition skill is still not starting when you say the wake word or when the script is run, you may want to reach out on the Synthiam community forums for further assistance. There might be specific nuances to your setup that the community or Synthiam's support can help address.

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