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Asked — Edited

I Would Like To Make A Suggestion For Ezbuilder

For your Kind consideration:

I would like to suggest that the windows in EZBuilder have a way to minimize them. This would really help me as I like to jump from one window to another and possibly work on another program and come back to EZB in between. It would be very useful.



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1) the minimize buttons in ARC is in the CONTROLS menu tab

2) if you run out of space, using virtual desktops helps
Yes, I know what you are talking about. But that won't get you to the Desktop if I remember right. I need to go back and forth to the Desktop. It would also be nice to have an Exit on the upper right hand side. Just used to the windows way of doing it.
What I am talking about is while I am building my program, if I need something from the desktop ie; a Picture of EZB so I can tell what ports are what, or another file for whatever, I have to Exit out of everything. Where, if you have an upper right hand corner minimize button, I could leave all of my EZB program waiting for me when I get back from the desktop instead of Closing and Exiting, ReOpening and load the program back. Do you understand what I am saying?

And, my hand wants to naturally go to the upper right hand corner to Exit.

Sorry, I am not trying to put the EZB, it is almost as if it were Alien Technology far beyond the Intelligence of the human race. It is AweSome. I am just making a suggestion to customize it for me.
Oh, so you mean like servo configure windows and other ones that can't be minimized? I'm in on that one.
Maybe I am not following you, but why can't you just minimize ARC to the start menu bar? The top right corner has the 3 choices... One to exit ARC all together, one to make ARC a smaller window and the last one to minimize to the start menu bar...
@Moviemaker, you have gone into full screen mode. To have Windows minimize/maximize, restore, and close buttons, go to the Options tab, select Preferences, and uncheck the Full Screen menu item.

Alan! that is SOOoo much better. Problem solved!

Thank You!