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I Was Talking To Dave S., The Man Who Made Loki.

D.J., I was talking to Dave S., the man who made Loki. And, he is JUST now considering buying an EZB Kit. He told me that he always thought that your kit was ONLY for toys. We have to find a way to let people know that it is not only for toys,but for REAL robots of almost ANY size. There is a trend already starting (ie; the risers) to have Larger and Larger robots. People are afraid of them less now, I guess. But, I like robots from 3-6 feet tall. Many other people feel the same way. So, let people know about this. I see no reason why your product could not be used in larger robots. In fact, maybe it would take more than one at a time. Think about it.

Hope that this helped.


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Hi Mel and D.J.! Yes, I had not looked at this before, but I am looking now! NICE WORK! I am reading through the SDK...


Nice to meet you @Dave. There's a new SDK coming next week - not a lot of changes, but mostly movement control changes.:)

I've seen loki before, he's pretty cool! Someone shared him on here, might have been MovieMaker. I'd love to see EZ-Robot in Loki:D It would make a great project to evaluate its usage!


Loki is a cool robot for sure. Hopefully projects like jarvis and other larger sized loki will gain ez robot attention. Ps i so want to steal the loki eyes look josh


Hi all, Loki is my favourite robot on the web - Dave Shinsel is a Robot GURU... What a compliment to have him look over the SDK.:D



Guess what? I know that you have THOUGHT about LEAF. Thomas M. has made an EZ-LEAF. He should publish his docs about NOVEMBER 1st. Isn't that wonderful? Now you can have Loki, Leaf, AND the EZB all working together to give you MORE A.I.


:D :D :D


I like the Loki eyes too! They almost give a sense of motion to static eyes. It's really well done I think.


Greetings and welcome Dave, I met his robot Loki on youtube before knowing ez-b and found extraordinary and very high quality construction and finishes. He has been an inspiration to me, and I think a job done with exquisite taste.:D :D


Hey MM - just can't wait for EZ-Leaf in November. The thing I like most about Loki apart from being built from junk around the house (jam tins for eye housing) is his ability to pick things up and go from room to room and back. Awsome :D :D :D


Wow! Thanks for all the nice comments! I'm definitely interested in EZ! I just ordered a board so I can start experimenting with it.

After looking briefly at this website, I did not see any example code for using EZ with C++. Are there examples around? (I did not look very thoroughly)

If not, maybe I can put some together and share for those that want to go the C++ route. :-)

So many ideas, so little spare time! :-(


There are Examples Everywhere Dave. To start go to the top of this page and hit the download button. After that about in the middle of the page or maybe lower you will see the SDK to download. The Readme.txt are the instructions. Also, to the left of it is ARC, you can download it so you can play with it. The Examples are built into it. Also, there is the cloud which you can also download programs.

There are what seems to be a MILLION or more tutorials on almost every subject as well as the Videos. Just look around. If you are thinking it should be here, it probably is.

This community would love to see your Examples.

Good Luck!

:D :D



hi DAVE Fred from seattle robotics group,i built your SEEKER ROBOT with a few changes and getting parts to build your fantastic LOKI robot


Hey, Fred.

You are going to build Loki? That is Fantastic. He is my all-time favorite. Add a little Leaf to him and an EZB and we have got it all working. He is just the coolest robot EVER.

have you gotten a notice that your QBO kit has been shipped? or a delay. It is suppose to be shipped the 3rd Quarter. October would be late.

Keep us informed on how that goes.



not adding LEAF or EZB to it ,because it wont be A LOKI robot


also DAVE you should love the EZB is a nice board ,i traded one to MOVIEMAKER (MEL) and ever since then he really likes it,i have 6 a lready and getting 6 more,and putting them into different robot hacks


Hello is there a link to this LOKI robot so i could see just what it is you all are chatting about


@Dave congrats I watched one of your fights , the first one between your team and steel cyclone , congrats . crash reminds me of a vw bug dune buggy. You should get a vintage VW bus emblem and zip tie it to crashes chest!;)


DAVE did make a change to LOKI he added arduino now,so should be able to use EZB only problem i see it that it uses KINECT witch EZB doesnt have yet ,plus dynamixel servos

BUT the rest should be easy to port to EZB


Dynamixel servos can still be used with ezb they just have a feedback feature built into each ax12 and similar model ,, they are more complicated than a standard servo as they have a data bus because feedback must be factored in but he most certainly could use them. Advanced Arduino user utilize them to minimize the amount of sensors to detect a collision or resistance in manipulation.


HE is using serial to control it

.Programable serial communication from 2400 to 1Mpbs and needs a usb dynamixel hub

NOT on using EZB it can be done using high torque servo's

ONE item i see the EZB lacks is bi-directional serial,it has transmitt on DO pin only and the other is for bluetooth or wifi