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I See Roli On The Floor

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Looks like a roli army!
Wish I was there "playing":P:P:P:D
That's not playing its hard working entrepreneurialism, but loads of fun though.
said with tongue in cheek:D
Haha, i'm sure we all would love to play with the robots someday soon.
The roli's are all grown up now... They're moving out already:(
@VGosine.... Ha, ha.... So is this your way of telling us Roli is now shipping?....:)
I mean I would love to play with that many:)
I would run every one at the same time with only one computer:P
They would all work together:D
@Richard-r not quite... but soon:)

@Wolfie you would need ARC to support that many connections at once... Currently you would only be able to do 5 robots per computer
Where there is a will there is a way
I "can" connect as many to one computer as the computer can handle:) I think
But I will not say how as I only have 3 EZ-B's so fare and have not been able to test it fully but the tests I did looked promising
It might be possible by connecting each EZ-B to the same network then opening enough ARC windows since each one can connect to 5 per project.

I don't think anyone has ever tried this yet but it would definitely be an interesting test:)

It would also be unnecessarily time consuming:P
You can run many different copies of ARC at the same time on the same computer as long as they are in different folders.

I had up to 10 running a few weeks ago for a little test ..... wish I had more than just 3 EZ-B's lol