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Jehovah's Witness... ? CSIS (Canadian Secret service) making a house call... OK DJ, what did you do?:P


It's the mob coming to find out where there robot are.


@jdebay... You really have a camera fetish don't you:).... You're not a high school coach are you? Sheesh... between your Camera fetish and Justin pointing out ARC bugs, I am not sure where we're headed...:D


Oh this one is a secret:)

United Kingdom

They aren't men, they are the first versions of the new EZ-Robot lifelike simulated droids...


.... @Rich.... but can you get them in any other colour?.... Black is so '90s and hard to keep clean and scratch free....

United Kingdom

As Henry Ford said, they come in any colour as long as it's black:)


@Rich, that was supposed to be a secret! Oh well, might as well announce it now...

ezrobot introduces....

RIB (Robots In Black), your very own secret spy robot! Disguised to look just like any other guy in a suit, your RIB will help you with:

  • discovering government plots and conspiracies
  • keeping the internet free
  • help you to get into bars and clubs
  • finding out who drank the last of the milk

I offer as proof, our new shop....

User-inserted image


Will they put the toilet seat down? I'll take one.


Excuse me? If you can wire up an Omni bot to work the surely you can fabricate an auto toilet seat.....:P


He that puts it up must put it down. (Personal motto)