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I Received My EZ Robot Kit Last Night

Been playing with it ever since.

Anyway I am having some issues. I am sure these are operator errors not problems with the gear In any case I ran the servo calibration example on all the non modified servos No I am trying to make a head move left and right using the horizontal servo tool in add control

I have it on D0 When I look at it it shows min and max as 50 When I change them to 40 and 60 which ever one I do it moves it there then.

When I release or use the center button nothing happens.

What should be the mins and max

is the 180 90 each on either side of the 50 or what


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Servo position is between 1 and 100 with 1 being absolute minimum and 100 being absolute maximum. The sweep is generally ~180 degrees (however varies from manufacturer to manufacturer).

Setting the minimum to 1 will allow the servo to move to it's extreme lowest position. Setting the maximum to 100 will allow it to move to it's extreme highest position. Depending on the application you may require to limit the position. For instance on my robot's head it is set to 25/75 to give a more realistic pan. Tilt is set to 40/70 so as to avoid clashing with the top of the robot.

Release will just stop the EZ-B holding the servo in it's current position. It means it can move freely under it's own weight or by your hand. Try moving a servo which is fixed to position and you will notice the resistance against you. Release and it's free to move.

Center should move the servo to the center position.

When you set the max and min positions the servo will move to that position to confirm it's position. Once saved the slider will not allow you to go further than that position.

I hope that all makes sense and has shed some light on it for you.

Also, check the hardware pages under tutorials and by clicking the ? on each control.


How do you keep in centered

When I set the min it goes there on screen when you press center


I believe I have it figured out. Center sets itself at (Max/2)-(Min/2). Max of 80 and Min of 30 would give a center of 25.


Correct... Center is the center between Min and Max.

For example, Min is the minimum position. Max is the maximum position. If you press the Center button, the servo will center between Min and Max position.

Think of Min and Max as being a boundary that you define. Your robot most likely will have a few appendages that require limiting. The Vertical Head servo is an example of an appendage that will require limiting.

You specify the Min and Max limits of that servo. Once you have done that, the CENTER button will position the servo between the boundaries that you specify.

Min is the lowest, and Max is the highest :)

Hope that helps! And enjoy your kit :D