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5/22/2015 9:03 AM - Error with speech recognition init: ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ????????? ?? ????????? ???????.
How to fix bugs.
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mic I have


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United Kingdom
I order for us to help, we need to know what computer are you using, and what operating system you have?
United Kingdom
It's Windows 8 from the looks of the taskbar so the OS is supported provided voice recognition and speech synthesis is installed.

Does the PC have a mic attached? Is it enabled? Is anything else using the mic?
Given that there isn't even a volume control in the system tray, id say there is no sound card


Given that there isn't even a volume control in the system tray, id say there is no sound card

What is that just to the left of the letters ENG?

I suspect speech reco is not installed.

United Kingdom

Lol, it is there...;)

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My money is on speech rec not installed as Alan said.:) (Alan posted the same time I was writing).
The error is self explanatory. There is no sound card in this computer. If the error is questioned (for some reason), you can also recognize the lack of sound card by no volume control in system tray.

Sound functions in a computer require a sound card. Without a sound card, there cannot be mic or speaker.

Purchase a sound card or usb sound device for the computer.
DJ, look at the screen shot again. He very obviously does have a volume control. The sound card may not be configured correctly, but he definitely has one.

@761019 please right click on the speaker/sound icon that is located in your system try and Steve G highlighted in reply #6 of this thread.

When you right click it, you should see an option for recording devices? Do you see it? If not send a screen shot of what is displayed when you right click on the speaker/sound icon.

If you do see the recording devices, make sure your mic is selected.
United Kingdom

I might have found why you are having your issue. While trying to debug an unrelated issue on a windows 7 laptop I've still got laying around, I updated ARC to the latest version and started to get the same message as yourself (and I deffo have a sound card installed ;))...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The "pandorabot control" responded but the "speech recognition control" did not. How I fixed it was to change the "Language" in the speech recognition config menu from en-GB to en-US, saved the new settings then closed the ARC project. When I re-opened the project again the recognition loaded successfully (with no error message this time) and the voice recognition control worked again.

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Hope that helps in some way.