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I Need An Help With Camera

Hello. I am still asking an help for another difficult thing for me. I am following tutorial installing and pairing the camera, but no success.

I have put the dongle into the usb port of the pc and windows told me driver installed succesful. Launching ARC , i have no image, so i has opened the dongle for pairing with camera.

I can see 3 leds on and one led blinking. I have turned off the camera. I have pressed the dongle botton for 2 seconds and a led go blinking very fastly. Then, i turn on the camera and all 4 leds are on. Then, a led sometimes is on, some other blinks, and in ARC , still no image.

I have this message:

Error Initializing Camera: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040217): Eccezione da HRESULT: 0x80040217 in System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo) in .() in .(Control ) in EZ_B.Camera.StartCamera(String videoCaptureDeviceName, Control processedPreviewControl, Control realtimePreviewControl, Int32 captureWidth, Int32 captureHeight). Resolution: 320x240

Can someone help me installing the camera? Thank you and scuse me for my bad english.

Ema from Italy

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It appears there is a problem with your .NET libraries. You may resolve this by re-installing ARC.

The error message is stating that information is missing.

You may also fix by rebooting your computer.

Ensure you are using a supported operating system. We do not support Windows VISTA.


.....ohh...... so i think this is the problem...... i am using windows vista.... Does it run on Windows xp? I can try to use another pc running xp...


Windows Vista (6 years old) and Windows XP (12) years old are no longer supported by Microsoft. ARC download page displays minimum requirements (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

ARC is very powerful and advanced robot control software. It uses technology that did not exist in Windows Vista or Windows XP.:)


Ok..... i need to buy a new pc.....


There's no better reason to upgrade that robots:)


I ran a portable version of ARC on my netbook running XP successfully . Simply install the latest firmware of Microsoft .net Framework.

United Kingdom

Unofficially ARC will run on XP and Vista however both will run in to problems. The video issue is known to be a problem with Vista and therefore Vista is unsupported. With Windows XP there are also problems, for instance voice recognition.

By all means try XP but be warned it is an unsupported OS and problems that you will encounter will have little to no support.

Upgrading to Windows 7 Starter or Windows 8 is a cheap option if your current PC meets the minimum specification for either OS.


Today, i have bought a brand new Taplet Pc running Windows 8. It's an Acer Vivo Tab Smart and it seems to be running well.

I am taking a look to te camera tracking functions and i am studying it. .....i think (i am sure) i will have to make you all many and many question more because i am newbie and i can not understand many things in 'tutorial' because i can read english, but i can not understand very well the 'spoken' language i hear in the 'tutorial video'...... Please, be patient with me....

Do you think can be better for me opening a thread in 'Project showcase' in order to make my question and asking your help? I am afraid i am opening too many thread and i don't know if you are happy about or you don't want this.......

Scuse me for my bad english.

Ema from Italy

United Kingdom

New questions open a new thread in the relevant section.

There is no such thing as too many questions:)


Ok, thank you Rich! I will do this way. I see you often try to help me, so i thank you very much!

I am going on 'step by step' as you suggested me doing the robot, but, everyday, i thing my biggest problem will be the 'graphic interface'. Can you show me how people controls robots in Ez-b?....... just some examples......

I was a Vb programmer and i would like to build a Vb interface..... but you told me noone of you use this language, so, i think noone of you would know how to help me. I have understood everytinng in Vb programming Ez robot except for camera. Camera is the only thing i can not able to use in Vb.......