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Humor But Not Really Too Far Ot

Hey everyone, time for a chuckle. OMG! Red-Green (a great Canadian philosopher and engineer) has come up with a design that can be used for large robot arms. Maybe you can adopt this concept into your robots and even scale it down for smaller robots? On the serious side, he's really not to far off on how to build a leverage and lifting device. This setup is very close to how my B9 robot will be moving his arms in and out of it's body. Enjoy:


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"If it can't be fixed with duct tape, you're probably not using enough duct tape."
Most of that backhoe solution can be 3D printed thus cutting down on the duct tape.
Proof that you only ever need two tools.

Duct tape for loose things that need to be tight.

WD40 for tight things that need to be loose.

Duct tape is like the Force, after all. It has a Light side, a Dark side and it holds the Universe together...

I have always found Red Green very funny. And, also his nephew. I have been a fan of their for years.
United Kingdom
Truth be told, this is the first time I have heard of Red Green. That's my kind of dude. Very funny and clearly has a method to his madness.

Thanks for sharing Dave. I really enjoyed watching that.:D
Hahahahaha! that was great. I laughed so hard I hurt something.wow,Thanks for sharing that. It made my day! :D
Glad you guys enjoyed this. Believe it or not, Red-Green's humor has taught me a lot about many things. Mostly to be OK and cool with the man I am. Those Canadians really have this all figured out.

As Red would say; "Remember, I'm pulling for you, we'er all in this together".

Here's another "On Topic" video (my last) from Red-Green about computers and technology. He's dead on in this one. Hope you enjoy:

@Dave to be honest I never watched the Red Green show.... I just figured it was just another cheesy Canadian TV show that nobody watched.... I am not speaking for every Canadian here but I have always preferred US programming over ours.... However, I have to admit I really enjoyed your video posts (very funny) so maybe I should actually watch a few episodes of Red Green....:)
United Kingdom

Second video... LOL, very funny indeed and is so true. Great stuff.:D