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Humanoid Head With Camera & Rgb Eyes - What Additional Hardware?

I've just ordered a humanoid head for the purpose of creating a prototype interactive math tutor for an educational setting. Shortly I will download ARC . Can you tell me what additional components I will need in order to manipulate the head from a laptop?

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Not much else other than some servos, ARC and an EZB ... We even have an inMoov on here built by Bob Houston that does just exactly that.... he does math...:) inMoov doing math


thanks I thought so and that way you get a battery so it's more mobile


@Richard R Thanks for your help, Richard. Looks like the inMoov is the go-to guy when someone says "Do the math." or "Go figure!"

@bborastero Indeed a very nice solution. Clever.

@DJ Sures Thanks for the order list DJ. Now will await delivery via that "slow boat from China" (yeah, I know it's shipped by air . . . but with long turnaround time on the order, it could be coming by boat)

Thanks to all for help for this newbie. This forum and the community are a great source of information and encouragement. I hope some day to be able to help someone else by answering questions. Over the next few months, I will be getting to know the hardware and software but will also be spending considerable time writing up a business plan. So until I get into a position to help with technical questions maybe I could offer a thread on building a business plan (a little down the road). Or would that not be an appropriate thread for the forum?

Thanks again to everyone!


A business plan for your robot idea product? For sure you can share it with us and we can help you. That's the benefit of community :). There's a few others who are working on products inspired and/or using ezrobot hardware as well. You will fit right in:)


Thanks to all for resolving this issue, in particular to bborastero.