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How To Waterproof Ez-B?

i have took a look at multiple ways to waterproof electronics but came up empty.
i need to find a way to waterproof it as my ez-b will be in a rc car(outdoors) and will be exposed to moisture.

Air-tight sealed container with plastic melted around cable slots


any ways or tips will be apreciated


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You can use an electrical box airtight, which are used in the exterior, usually carry four screws and a rubber gasket in the lid, also has side access for cables with rubber bellows, easy to locate an electrical supply stores .
United Kingdom
Not sure if you have the same ratings over there as we do over here but IP65 rated boxes are suitable for external use.

Just be aware that the regulators on the EZB (and any other hardware) may get hot and it may not be a good idea to enclose them in confined, air tight spaces.
not planning to submerge it, just keep as much moisture off the ez-b as possible with a small budget.
Not a great idea to waterproof a EZB because of heat of the onboard regulators and bluetooth

But it can be done,first need to remove the regulator circuit and use DC-DC converters ,since they are made to handle the heat

SEcond on the bluetooth you need to extend the antenna to outside of the box and use only a plastic box,metal blocks the signal ,so pelican cases are perfect for it
A good size is cell phone case,and i have seen a waterproof case made for arduino board too

I did make a underwater robot design called a ROV ,but was very hard to design and make it waterproof to 100 feet
i am looking at latter to change the controller board to EZB ,USING WIRED NETWORK or usb
on my design i do have ethernet cable so wont be that hard,cant use bluetooth or wifi underwater
Here is one i bought only mine was yellow ,for when i go scuba diving

pelican cell phone case

$21 each and has a waterproof earphone jack that can be used maybe for your wires

HERE IS ANOTHER I HAVE TOO UNDER $15 should easy fit the EZB

pelican small case
mine is yellow ,can check it when i get back from my work trip in china in 2 weeks or check the size online

on sealing the wires i would use rubber gasket and cut hole on top of lid and bottom of lid and using a rubber type gasket when you close it make a air tight fit around the wires
also technopro i dont know what you design is but what about other electronics and motors from water or moisture

sensors like SONAR'S cant be waterproof ,unless you buy a waterproof sonar that maxbotic does carry

motors are hard,and ESC's TOO ,everything else should be ok to waterproof them
well... maybe i need to refraise.

i want to make the ez-b moiture repellent.

another idea is put one of those anti-moisture packets from shoe boxes in the rc car with it.
I see i am not only one with a spelling problem lol
anti-moisture idea should work ok