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How To Take A Pause At The End Pose?

i made some poses excample turn left so kd sees left and point the arm left. what am looking is that che stays 1 sec in this possition before posing ini.


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Add a pause in between the frames when creating an action

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There are blue question marks in the software. If you put your cursor over the blue question marks, you will receive help. The DELAY value is the PAUSE in ms. The blue question mark will tell you that.

Also, look at existing examples.

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My suggestion would be to use a Sleep(1000) in a script where you need it to pause. Or there is a Pause() command in the script command menu. You would need Pause(1000) to wait one second. This can be added in to a script and an Auto Possition control.

Hope this helps.:)

EDIT: I see DJ replied while I was writing and already mentioned using the Pause() command in an Auto Possition control.


dj i try that but doesn do it.prob i dont understand.

steve G

maybe yours is better for me.sofar i got this.

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I can't see why DJ's example didn't work. What do you have your delay set at on the Auto Position?

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One way to do it is using a script, and you could put something like this...

# If head servo was D0
# and looks left

# If left arm was D1 
# and points left

# 1 second pause

# Head looks Center

# Arm rest at the side

If sleep(1000) doesn't point left long enough (due to your set servo speeds), adjust it to sleep(2000). You could put "Point left", "Point right" ect in to a script manager.


the first pic off dj was the best for me.

thank you bolt