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How To Start A Script On Project Opening?

I want to run a script right when I open my ARC project. It does not connect to ez-b's at all so I need to find a way to start the script right when it starts up.


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United Kingdom
Use the shortcut creator to make a shortcut which can include one script to auto start on load. Shortcut creator is in ARC's menu under options.
Or you could just say the file and then the script name when you make a new shortcut via windows.
United Kingdom
You could if you wanted to manually create the shortcut with the target syntax as follows;


"PathToEZBuilder\ARC.exe" "PathToProject.ezb" "AutoStartScript"

The script has to be a script not part of script manager.

Look at the very bottom of the EZ-Script manual for the explanation.
Way cant you just place a ControlCommand pointing to the script in the Init script control? It will then run each time ARC loads along with any other script you have in there.
United Kingdom
Yes you can:) My init script basically runs a bunch of other scripts which are all in the script manager, turns on the camera and tracking, unpauses vr and personality generator... and a whole load more.