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How To Make The Robot Detect A Red/Blue/Green Object?

I want to make the robot detect a red/blue or green object. I want to make it such a way that whenever i move the object in any direction, it should be able to turn its horizontally & vertically.


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you could have asked this in the other thread for future reference - also, please mark these as requiring assistance if you need help. It makes it easier for people to realize that you need help;)

Camera tutorials


This is built into the camera control.

use the gear at the bottom right of the control to specify which servo is going to be used for x and y axis and to enable movement if you want that.

Use the tracking button at the top of the control to setup what colors you want to track. there are many shades of red/blue and green. this will allow you to specify what shade.


It's very easy to do... You use the camera control and set it to track multi colours or a single colour. It's your choice... These settings are all in the camera control... Just a few clicks of a mouse and your in business... you will obviously need to have a camera od a pan and tilt type servo set up... So you hardware will be an ezb3 or 4, a camera 2 servos, and a pan and tilt mechanism...


I have made the robot to detect coloured objects. But I want to ask one thing. Normally, to detect anything like face or object, does it always have to turn its head. I have noticed that the JD turns head while the Roli doesn't. Is it normal or am i missing any extra coding or something to make the head turn?


In order for your Roli to turn his head you will have to enable servo tracking and indicate which servo is for the x (side to side) axis and which servo is the y axis (up and down)... All this is in the settings of the camera control....


Hi Richard, I didnt notice that servo Tracking X and Y axis. It work like a charm.:P Thanks man.;)


DJ Sures, I wasnt asking how to detect the coloured object. This is about the thread you closed 30 min ago.I have already done that. Right now, I want to PICK UP THAT COLOURED OBJECT AFTER DETECTION.