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How To Make That The Robot Control It Self

How to control robot without any pc or mobile ez-b v4 and I am a new student of (ez-robotics) robotics aged 14 years. I have studied my arduino course. I am trying alot for this answer stress.


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Hello @ramcharan,

Which EZ-b4 kit did you purchase? Did you get the developer's kit or one of the robots like JD?

The best way to learn how to use your v4 is to go to the Learn Section and review all the lessons related to the v4 and your robot.

I can see from your profile it looks like you completed many of the lessons in the Learn section, which is great. Did the lessons make sense? Were you able to complete them to make your robot do things? If your answers are Yes and Yes you are well on your way.

"How To Make That The Robot Control It Self" - that can be a large question or a very simple question depending on how you define "self control". With EZ-Robot the primary method for making a robot control itself is through the use of scripts.

What specifically do you want to robot to do on it's own?


yes sir i want to control my robot without pc or mobile



Welcome to the world of advanced robot controllers. The arduino by itself isnt one of these. The arduino is great at controlling subsystems of advanced robots and reporting the information back to the robot controller which then sends this information to the brain of the robot which has the processing power to really complicated computational processes and gather information from sources on the internet. This is a tethered robot architecture which is what was in use by the robots that competed in the DARPA challenge, Asimo and every other advanced robot on the planet. Wifi has enabled the processing power used to control robots to be far more powerful than what was previously available.

As Justin stated, the question is far too open ended to answer.

[Edit] Think about it this way. An arduino is able to be programmed to run loops, which then can read sensors and do things. It is completely isolated and can only do the specific things that you have written to it. It also has a finite amount of memory. Access to network resources like servers, photos, music, the internet, home automation systems, radios. tv's, amazon prime, hulu, youtube or any other network resource is very difficult at best. This is an untethered robot.

A tethered robot can be accessed and used from anywhere that there is a wifi signal (in EZ-Robots case) including cell phone towers, public wifi networks or private wifi networks. It has access to any resource that can be accessed from that network connection. It also has use of the memory in the PC which is many times larger than what is on the arduino. The processing power of the PC is many times more than the processing power of the arduino and there is storage that is many times larger than what is in the arduino. It would take many arduinos to make the computational power of a PC. Now, there are places that arduinos would be very helpful such as in a bumper sensor. The arduino can handle the conversion of the data from the bumper sensor to something that is easily understandable by the brain of your robot. The arduino is perfect for this as it was built to run in loops and repeat the same logic over and over again.

The arduino is not multi-threaded and can only do one thing at a time. The PC processor can do many things at the same time based on the number of cores your pc has. As the processor is much stronger than the arduino, it can do many things at the same time and do them faster (based on which layer of the processor the code is running at) than the arduino which can only do one thing.

The abilities that the tethered robot architecture gives you are far and away superior to what is available on a non-tethered architecture. Spend some time researching this topic for a bit and you will see that the possibilities become pretty endless.


@ramcharan "i want to control my robot without pc or mobile"

This is not possible. The EZb is designed to be linked to a computer over wifi and the computer controls all the functions. The EZb is not like an arduino that can be programmed and set free. But likewise, an arduino does not have the capability of advanced features like speech recognition, face detection, color tracking, motion control scripting nor does an arduino make any of the other functions you would want in a robot "easy" to implement.

I hope that make sense. :)



what do you have.pc,ipad,iphone?


How about a really small pc onboard. Like a Zotac Pico?

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@jstarne1 Hello, Have you used the Zotac Pico ? Should I look into using it ? Ron


Sure , the Pico is super tiny , use a 5 v regulator to power it. It even comes with a mount and screw holes. Your robot could wear it like a backpack or something.


yes, iam having a pc - windows 7 , did the robot work after disconneting the wifi with pc. and can i control pneumatic cylinder with ez-b v4


The robot controller (EZB(4) controls the robot. It sends and receives all the electrical signals between the robot and the controller. What is done with the signals received and sent from and to the robot and its hardware that are wired to the controller (EZB(4)are all stored in the PC. There is no room for all the functions that can be performed by your robot to be stored onboard the EZB(4) controller. The PC and ARC store your instructions that you build to control your robot and send them to the EZB(4) controller using WiFi.

If you want your robot to be self contained then as suggested in other posts, get a small computer that will support Windows and ARC and install it inside your robot.


did the robot control after disconnecting wifi with pc


If you mean your home/school wifi then yes, it will, but you have to connect to the ez-b at all times for it to work.


can i connect solenoid valve to robot


@ramcharan ...With a relay probably or some kind of Mosfet


I have a video that can help you.:) this is the name on YouTube. But it's only one of the things you can do. I'll send you another video too. Click To Watch Video;)



bolt links dont work


Hold on I've got another one. Here go to you tube they should have some thing.



Hey nomadtmbs I've just figerd that out that's why I sended this link.


Aidan, Your videos have to be public for anyone to see them.

Take some time to learn from others and then work on helping others. I applaud your eagerness to help and don't want to hamper that but, the advice you are giving isn't solving issues. I see that you joined the community yesterday and have 6 evangelist posts but I haven't seen any of them on the other sites. I also see that you have marked a lot of the tutorial as completed. You might take some time and review these again. There is a lot that you have missed on them.



if you in need for a chat you can contact me .see click on my name.


Unfortunately, that's simply not how E-Z robots work. E-Z Robots utilize a smartphone to do the bulk of the work. In fact, all the robot in itself does is send incoming data to the phone or computer so that the other device can do the thinking, then the application on the second device decides what the robot will do and tells it to do it.


sir i want to connect ssc-32 to my ez b v4 could you help me with pictures and complete details about ssc-32 connecting i am feeling stress and tired please help me


That could be fun idea to mount your robot with mini PC and then power it with some power bank, that can use a solar charger or something like that or just plug to recharge when battery low. Wonder how long the power banks will last with one charge.


Hello @Us3r,

I am doing just that ! I have installed a Latte Panda and an EZB/v2 in my robot. I am using a 12 volt battery and voltage converters to lower the voltages to what I need (5 volt and 9 volt) for other devices being used.

See my post " 12 Volt Battery 17 Ah for Large Projects".

The amount of power needed to run the servos, controls and other devices will determine how long the battery will supply power before the need for recharging. A large battery like the one I use should last a long time.


Hi @Andy Roid

Oh okay : ) That is really interesting setup, Latte Panda seems like good one to handle much information . Will definitely check out your post, thanks for sharing. Just checked your Antonn project, love it! It is fascinating to see what kind of robots people will make here and of course will try to make one myself someday, still at the early stages, but it's learning new stuff little by little. Now just need to save some money for the parts and start building:)