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How To Make Robot To Identify The Names Of Different Face?

Since the camera has the ability to detect faces, I want the robot to identify the names of faces i.e. i am only going to try 2 faces. Suppose robot detects face A, it immediately tells the name of the face A and it does the same for face B. And if the camera detects a face is neither A nor B, it says you are unknown and if it detects no face, it says it doesnt detect any face.


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It sounds like you want something like the EZ-Face software that does exactly what your asking. However, there is a limitation in that using the EZ-B v4 camera, or any IP camera won't work with EZ Face at the moment, but it works well with a webcam or USB camera connected to your PC which I have used myself.

Roborealm is something else you can use. Some of it is explained here.


Currently, EZ-Face can't recognize the V4 camera. Work is being done to allow this by its developer.

RoboRealm can do this but you will need to buy it and the AVM module to get this to work. RoboRealm does a lot more than facial recognition and has a demo program. EZ-Face focuses specifically on Facial recognition.

I dont know if you need this immediately or not or if you need any of the other features that RoboRealm offers. If you just need facial recognition and can wait for the changes to be made to EZ-Face, I would wait for it to be finished up. If you need it immediately and don't mind spending about $50.00 or might need additional features that RoboRealm offers, I would go that route.

The way that both work in ARC is that you would configure each of them to launch so that they are recognizing faces. You would launch EZ-Face or RoboRealm from a script in ARC. Both will recognize the faces that are trained and pass back the name of the face it recognized to ARC. From there, you would use scripts to do what you want to do within ARC.

The variable names that each passes back are different. Also, EZ-Face currently passes back a ", " at the end of the name in the variable. This will need to either be stripped off or would need to be handled in some method within the script.

Both are very good options and I think that the developer of EZ-Face (Justin on these forums) will probably use the same method for all cameras going forward, which is to use the Custom HTTP Server regardless of if the camera is a USB or Wifi camera because this allows ARC to continue to use the camera (allowing for facial tracking to be enabled) while EZ-Face recognizes who the person is.

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The various object and face detection is ARC is still in it's early stages and it has been mentioned that further features will be added.

Currently this is not a function within ARC however @d.cochran has provided some useful information for you while we wait for those features:)


Oh,then I cant show that gr8 extra feature then:( Thanks for the info.

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Yes, I believe that's what I said to you but you can use a USB camera Like I mentioned in post #2.