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How To Hook The Gripper To Six Hexapod ?

Hello people !
I want to add extra abilities to my six hexapod but i dont know
to which ports i can connect the manipulator gripper
I was tried connect the gripper in those ports that were connected to Jd humanoid , but the gripper dont work :(
How to hook the gripper to six hexapod ?

the gripper:
User-inserted image


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you can choose any left over ports.here an excample,i choose d23/d22/d21

1=connect your six

2=go to the webpage and set ports at 90 degrees

3=calibrate you servo's and save

4= go to Auto Position and ad ports as seen in the pic.

User-inserted image

do you have a pic when the extra servo are connected to six ?
and what do you want your six to do?
I’ll make you a quick video for next week, if you haven’t figure it out.
thanks, i was able to install the gripper
That's great! Thanks for letting me know - I was waiting to hear back from if you required a video instruction. Sounds like you figured it out:D:D