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How To Connect Your Ez-B V4 To Your Computer(Both Ways[Ap And Client])

I made a few How-to videos showing people how to connect the ez-b v4 in both Ap mode, and in client mode. This first video shows how to connect for the first time in AP Mode.

AP mode: The ez-b gives of its own Wi-Fi connection(hotspot) and is connected to the computer directly.

AP Mode is the mode the ez-b first starts on. You have to connect to it in AP mode before you can switch to Client Mode.

AP Mode:

Client Mode: The ez-b connects to a Wi-Fi network(router) and is connected to through the network.

Client Mode has to be set to use. You do this through the ez-b's Wi-Fi configuration page.

Client Mode:

Hope this helps anyone who needed it!


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Really cool that you did this, but the videos are private.


Thanks for the informative vids ahead of the arrival of my new EZB4,s. Do you how I connect to allow internet access plus EZB4 connectivity also? Weather, news, etc. Steve S


@Steve... To answer your question... You connect the EZB in client mode... just follow the above videos...


@Richard R, Thanks, I appreciate all this this great info! Steve S


really helpfull video's.thank you


Thanks for the friendly responses! It's satisfying to see how I can help people.


Very cool videos, but just wanted to verify something. Since the EZB V4 now uses Wifi, does it connect directly to the PC or does it always only connect up via a Wifi router? I'm just wondering how the wireless connection is maintained between EZB and a PC if I was to mount the pc on board the robot and was to run the robot outside nowhere near a wifi router.


@RoboHappy, you could accomplish that type of connection by using the Ad-hoc mode where the EZ-B(4) IS the WiFi router.


Robohappy, the ez-b defaults to ap Mode, which is where the ez-b is the router essentially.


Hey @TechnoPro,

Thanks again for the tutorial videos, in addition to our own videos, I'm quite certain they will be a great help to a number of people as the more information that's out there the better!

A couple quick additions for those enjoying these videos: the EZ-B Power shell comes with a 2.1mm Barrel jack and the webpage that comes up when a person is connected to the EZ-B's network and types into their browser (or selects the chrome-like icon in ARC) is called a Web server.


I have to admit that when I first saw you were posting these tutorials I thought "what's the point, EZ-Robot already made fine connection tutorials", but now that I watched them, you added several touches that I learned something (like it will take a long time to connect in AP mode, which makes sense since there is no internet access and Windows will take a while to determine that, but not something I thought of or that everyone will know).

Good work.


South Africa

In the first video when you gave it power you did not have the 3.5 mm barrel jac where the power goes into you had a different part. I also want to use a battery simmer to yours so I need that part on my v4 instead of the existing jac that comes with the v4. Can you please tell me how you changed the jac to what you have now


Jeremie, Thanks for the reminder. Don't think I'll ever be able to remember that...:P blush

Alan, That's one of the reasons I make them. There's certain details that can only be learned personally... or at least be shown by another.

Movie Maker, Really it is. Windows 7 is very similar. Same tasks but different layout.(I think I recall you having windows 7)

United Kingdom

Just to add, here's a text/image based tutorial I knocked up shortly after getting my EZ-B for anyone who likes to print and read tutorials.

Nice work on the videos though Technopro.


Rich, I was going to do a text based one, but I found people better learn visually.



Rich, I was going to do a text based one, but I found people better learn visually.

Depends on the person. I prefer to read well written documentation or tutorials over videos, but a lot of people are just the opposite. (I also absolutely hate podcasts. Would much rather read than listen, mostly because I can read 5x faster than anyone can talk).

Good to have options, which is what makes this community so great. Lots of people willing to provide information in different ways.


United Kingdom

I always prefer text/image based so they can be printed and kept along with any datasheets and other design info for the robot plus they are easier to take portions of and offer as guidance to anyone asking questions in the forums.

Also, by writing it out I find that there is usually a lot more, and clearer information. For example, on my L298n tutorial there is no way anyone would be able to accurately explain the truth table in a video but in the text based tutorial it's all there, nice and clear and easy to follow.

Not to mention, it's difficult to listen to some tutorials if some people have strong accents, talk too fast, too slow or mumble etc. and, at least for me, I've always got some kind of music on the go too which makes it hard to hear videos.

Having both options is always a good idea, there are pros and cons to each and you will never satisfy 100% of people 100% of the time:)


as a non programmer i only understand pictures and some text. i almost never speak englich so when i do it sound not good, i have a really heavy voice. thank you for doing this.many has a desire to have a robot, but not averyone has the possebility to go to college or study. or just hasn it in there fingers to become a programmer. but the desire always stays

thanks :)


Hi All.

Just in case someone else has a problem connecting the EZ B in the client mode (I've deleted my question here since I figured out the problem)-- try disabling your software firewall if you have one.



[edit] Well, you deleted while I was answering, but the answer is generic enough that I think I will leave it here. Edited again to correct statement about port 23....

Unless your router is very basic, you should be able to log onto your router's admin page and find the EZ-B IP address in the DHCP settings area. Then you should be able to tell the router to always give the EZ-B the same address, so you won't need to scan for it ever again if it changes (which it is likely to do if you connect another wireless device to your network when the EZ-B is turned off).

If you post the make and model of the router, I will look up the manual and write simple instructions for you.

For the firewall, I am willing to research in detail, but if you want to take a stab at figuring out the exceptions, most simple software firewalls either act on applications or ports, but aren't IP address specific. You should allow port 23 and or ARC.exe. If your firewall is more sophisticated you could set rules specifically for the IP address, once you assign a reserved or "static DHCP" address so that it is always the same. If it is very sophisticated, you can set a rule to allow outbound to port 23 to any IP address, and inbound as replies to your outbound connections only, so the IP address of the EZ-B doesn't always need to be the same, but the firewall will adapt as needed while still protecting you to any potential attacks on port 23 (of which there are many attempts, since this is the default telnet port) .

When you tried to scan for the EZ-B, was that before or after disabling the firewall? I don't know if the scan is on port 23, 24 (which is used for the mobile app I think) or 80 (the web server) or another port, but if your firewall blocked the connection, it certainly also blocked the scan.

I am not sure about permanently setting the low battery warning. I thought it remembered that unless you do a factory reset, but I could be wrong (still waiting on my Roli before I can do empirical tests...)



Thanks for the video. I've been wanting to switch over to client mode but hadn't gotten around to it. This gave me all the info I needed and got the job done in no time.


friends.. I just can't use my v4s in client mode! it does not matter how many times I try to do the configuration, my network simply does not find the EZ-b... It works ok when I reset and use it in AP mode... what am I doing wrong !?

I receive the message. EZB says: "I have successfully connected to your network"!

but.... when I try to Scan the IP, it does not find anything. I tryed to use a software that points all devices connected to my network, and nothing..

where is it in the network ? help.. tired


Oh... Paging Dr Alan, Dr David we have a code 9 in the network ward...:P



What make and model is your router. I'll look it up and determine how to find the address of the EZ-B from logging into the router.

You mentioned EZ-B's, not EZ-B. Are you trying multiple ones at once? There is an open bug report about how DHCP is not turning off in the EZ-B's when you are in client mode, which can cause strange things with the addressing and whether or not the router will see them. It should see the first one though, and from there we can figure out the addresses of the additional ones.

If you have teamviewer (or can install it) you can send me an email (address in my profile) and I can remote in and help. Schedule is fairly open today (doing paperwork, but I can take a bread as needed).



Thanks Alan! Well, i'm not trying to connect more than one at the same time... And things got worst now... I can connect the computer to ezB as AP, But I can not conect it to ARC.. At all! I can get into its configuration page, I can select the "client mode", but I'm no longer listening any sound from ezB! The led is green, but.. His completely muted!

And finely, I found the summary of the devices connected on my router.. And.. EzB is not there! I have repeated the process dozen times... Same result!

stress stress


Let's solve one issue at a time.

  1. I would take it out of the shell and adjust the springs that connect to the speaker to make sure they haven't just lost connection. One of my EZ-Bs needed that adjustment.

  2. Once sound is working, reset the EZ-B again back to AP mode. Connect your PC and connect to the EZ-B's web page, and run the diagnostic tests from there (making sounds, setting servos to 90).

  3. If those work, go back into ARC and make sure you are trying to connect to the default IP address of

Report back here successes or failures at each step. Once we know it will work again in AP mode, I'll help you get it working in Client mode. If it won't work in AP mode, or you can't get the sound back, it might be broken and further troubleshooting of client mode would be pointless.



Ok... Time for Panic! Did what you told me. No sound. No sound at all... I also tried soldering two wires to the "speaker" points in the board and connected it to a small speaker.. No sound! Used the pre amp out too.. And, sadly, no sound.

Well.. My other ezb is working ok. I solved the puzzle of the IP address... ( found the address inside the router summary)...

So.. Do you think there is anithing else to try?


It sounds like it is probably broken to me. You can try separating and reconnecting the two halves of thr board to make sure all the connections are good, but beyond that I am out of ideas.



I'll try that... I'm loosing my hopes on this one...