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How To Connect Your Ez-B V4 To Your Computer(Both Ways[Ap And Client])

I made a few How-to videos showing people how to connect the ez-b v4 in both Ap mode, and in client mode. This first video shows how to connect for the first time in AP Mode.

AP mode: The ez-b gives of its own Wi-Fi connection(hotspot) and is connected to the computer directly.

AP Mode is the mode the ez-b first starts on. You have to connect to it in AP mode before you can switch to Client Mode.

AP Mode:

Client Mode: The ez-b connects to a Wi-Fi network(router) and is connected to through the network.

Client Mode has to be set to use. You do this through the ez-b's Wi-Fi configuration page.

Client Mode:

Hope this helps anyone who needed it!


What make and model is your router. I'll look it up and determine how to find the address of the EZ-B from logging into the router.

You mentioned EZ-B's, not EZ-B. Are you trying multiple ones at once? There is an open bug report about how DHCP is not turning off in the EZ-B's when you are in client mode, which can cause strange things with the addressing and whether or not the router will see them. It should see the first one though, and from there we can figure out the addresses of the additional ones.

If you have teamviewer (or can install it) you can send me an email (address in my profile) and I can remote in and help. Schedule is fairly open today (doing paperwork, but I can take a bread as needed).

Thanks Alan!
Well, i'm not trying to connect more than one at the same time...
And things got worst now... I can connect the computer to ezB as AP,
But I can not conect it to Ez builder.. At all!
I can get into its configuration page, I can select the "client mode", but I'm no longer listening any sound from ezB! The led is green, but.. His completely muted!

And finely, I found the summary of the devices connected on my router.. And.. EzB is not there!
I have repeated the process dozen times... Same result!

*stress* *stress*
Let's solve one issue at a time.

1) I would take it out of the shell and adjust the springs that connect to the speaker to make sure they haven't just lost connection. One of my EZ-Bs needed that adjustment.

2) Once sound is working, reset the EZ-B again back to AP mode. Connect your PC and connect to the EZ-B's web page, and run the diagnostic tests from there (making sounds, setting servos to 90).

3) If those work, go back into EZ-Builder and make sure you are trying to connect to the default IP address of

Report back here successes or failures at each step. Once we know it will work again in AP mode, I'll help you get it working in Client mode. If it won't work in AP mode, or you can't get the sound back, it might be broken and further troubleshooting of client mode would be pointless.

Ok... Time for Panic!
Did what you told me. No sound. No sound at all...
I also tried soldering two wires to the "speaker" points in the board and connected it to a small speaker.. No sound!
Used the pre amp out too.. And, sadly, no sound.

Well.. My other ezb is working ok. I solved the puzzle of the IP address... ( found the address inside the router summary)...

So.. Do you think there is anithing else to try?
It sounds like it is probably broken to me. You can try separating and reconnecting the two halves of thr board to make sure all the connections are good, but beyond that I am out of ideas.

I'll try that...
I'm loosing my hopes on this one...