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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

How To Add Robot Image On Auto Positioner?

I'm using an Iconia W3, and I can't seem to find the button to add your own custom robot image, and I can't drag or add more than 1 servo. Weird. I haven't tried it on my laptop yet, but is this a tablet issue? I'm sure there's a simple answer to this, thanks in advance. :)


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United Kingdom
The robot image is based on the 3D robot built under the My EZ-Robot -> Design. I am unaware of any way to use a custom jpeg image in this.

As for adding/moving servos around, I just tested it on 2013.09.27.00 and I could add 3 (if not more, I stopped adding at 3) servos and drag them all around without issue, it may be a tablet issue. You could try reinstalling ARC to see if that solves the problem.
Oh wow...you just posted this hah
Ok my version is still at 9/27 I don't have Internet access at work, I will update when I get home. Just bitmaps? Can't do jpegs etc?

Sorry, I use the word bitmap loosely. Jpeg will work
Hello there
Downloaded the latest version,
I still can't find the "Change Image" button.
The change image button is only visible if you are not using the 3D robot designer.

For example, start a new project and add an auto positioner. Press the config button of the auto positioner. Look by the SAVE button and you will see it.

PS, please post in only one place about your question
Hello again, yeah I realized I posted the question twice too late, sorry man :D

Anyway I found it works on my laptop but not my tablet, in fact, There's no SAVE button on my Auto Positioner menu. On the laptop (Running Windows 7) everything is there like you said.

here's my tablet info:

Windows 8
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z2760 @ 1.80 GHz
RAM: 2.00 GB
System Type: 32-bit OS, x86 Based processor
Pen and touch: Full Windows Touch Support with 5 touch points

There doesn't seem to be any issue with the version of Windows I have. Any theories?

Thanks again

I promise only 1 post at a time :D
You will need to update the version of ARC. That includes downloading the software from the ARC webpage on our website. From there, you will be prompted to RUN or SAVE the file. Select RUN. Follow through the installation instructions.

1) Load your new installation of ARC

2) Press Add Control from the top menu

3) Select servo tab

4) Select Auto Positioner

5) Press the GEAR icon (which stands for config)

6) The config window will appear. Look near the bottom by the SAVE button.
Sorry It took a while, but yeah it works with the new update. Thanks!