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How Do I Use Sound From Wall-E U-Command?

This question is for DJ and those who has done this.

So im working on modding my Wall-E U command to incorporate EZ-B into, i read DJ Wall-E mod details and he has extracted the sound eeprom from the original board and it looks like he cut the board in half and soldered 3 servo wires in, the question is how do you do this? how do you make it talk from EZ-B?

I understand DJ's original mod was a smaller Wall-E and the later one was a U Command, DJ did you use the same method for sound (half-cut board) or using the MP3 trigger board? and where do you get the Wall-E MP3 audio?

Thanks, Louis

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i didn't extract the sound eeprom. i connected a digital port from the ez-b to "push the button" on the sound board. so it played the sounds from the original board. simply connect a digital signal port to one side of the button that connects to the board:)


There are example files and tutorials in ARC and on the website:)


DJ, I'm aware of the examples in ARC. Sorry if I wasn't clear on my question. What i want to do is utilize the stock board for Wall-E sound, but I want the sound to come out of Wall-E speaker, not the computer's speaker, and be controlled by ARC by voice command or scripts. Is this possible? How did you do it with your Wall-E?


So i take it isn't possible for what I wanted to do without using the MP3 Trigger? Anyone?


either mp3 trigger or remote speaker:)


So if i will use MP3 trigger, where can i get Wall-e's sounds?


Record clips from videos, record the wall-e board noises.