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How Can I Prevent Head Jerking While Facial Tracking?


When facial tracking, there is quite a bit of jerking up and down from the neck servo. I put together a short video: View the video any thoughts on how I can stop the jerking while tracking.

Note: I have watched the video on facial tracking


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askpwcoach, Great interaction. Have you tried changing the tracking from 1 to 3 steps or speed? Your actual hands on vids are great. Steve S


I had the same issues you are having until I updated my router and a new faster Win 8 pc...

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Play around with the camera tracking settings. Speed and steps (as Steve mentioned) are key to getting smooth movement.


@askwpcoach Firstly, awesome job on the video, it is so helpful to see what you are seeing for issues like this. What I noticed was all the red boxes that were popping up in random places as if faces were being detected. You want to try to get the boxes for identification to only come up when the objects you want tracked are present.

In my opinion you may also be setting too close to the camera. If you notice your grid lines the camera tracking is designed to track across those lines. It is going to work better if it can see an object in one box (not across multiple boxes of the grid) and then see it move to another box.

If you take a peek at the Learn Section/ARC Manual/ Camera Controls you will see in the video DJ's face is further away.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. @JustinRatliff the issue was with her distance to JD. After having her scoot back a bit so her face was within the grid, I got perfect tracking.;) :)


That's awesome to hear @askwpcoach! I'm glad it was an easy fix. :)