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Hovis Eco Users


I have a Hovis ECO, Mini Darwin, and BIOLOID Premium Robot Kit, I started with playing with Robotics back in the 80's with a HeathKit Hero..

I was wondering if anyone else in the group has the Hovis, and their thoughts.. its the only bot i have that I haven't found many or if any other owners of.. lol.. its a nice bot.. my plans are to replace the brain with Ez-bot 4..:D

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i think you can hack a robot whit ezb-v3 not ezb-v4.


why not ezb-v4? its just controlling the servos, is the ezb-v4 rated for only certain servos?

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The EZ-B V4 should be fine for any servos.

Why are you saying it wont be Nomad?


the darwin mini is suported in ARC now. you have to know how to connect the ezb-v4 to the hovis for excample. copie his moves,not so easy as it looks.there are some helpfull video's, in the learn section.

i wanted to use the robosapien v2,it was told me not possible. so how would another robot be posseble?

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No offence intended nomad but calibrating your JD was also difficult for you.

The Robosapien support was dropped by ARC. This has nothing to do with Robosapien. The V3 controlled the robosapien through it's IR port by emulating the IR commands. This is totally different!

There is no reason that I can think of why you wouldn't be able to use the EZ-B V4 on the robot, especially if you are replacing the brain for the V4 and using the V4 to control the servos. The hardest part will be installing the V4.


rich am not offended.but calli is also something complete diff then hack a robot. i do need alot off info to understand something.sinds there is allreddy , support for the mini darwin,i would use that ,just to be safe.


@nomad... I am curious too... why would the V3 work and not the V4?... The V4 hands down beats the v3 in every category, especially in the servo department...



i said i THINK it will not work whit the v4.i got the idea you can use the v4 if, you use the servo's from here.also i was sure you cant by separt parts off the hovis. you can from bioloid or mini iff it goes wrong for some reason, he has a robot less.but hey this is not about me.

my appolegies morbeious for changing your topic. keep your idea going,


didn't some other guy say these servos have a 4 pin input? These should work with ARC just fine, but you wont get info from the servo. It'll just work like a standard hobby servo instead of sending info to the controller like a normal hovis servo. However, DYNAMIXELS use a 3 pin input. Once the variable manager is fixed, these would be a better option than the hovis since they send and receive info all from the same one signal wire. Still, these should be just fine, I think nomad is just a little confused:D


sudo v2

yeach confused mostly. ps love to see your bioloids one day.



I'm actually planning on putting up a showcase for the updated shogun later;)

also, morbeious - you could actually get the EZB to recieve servo info from the Hovis, but it would have to take up an extra signal port on another pinout. I don't know if you'd want to go though all that trouble to get mostly useless info, however.


sudo am not the one whit the hovis ,thats morbeious

looking forwart to see your showcase.



don't worry, I'm adressing morbeious:D


I got you @Sudo.. and don't worry @Nomad.. I'm not confused, I figured I could do it unless there was somthing non-standard about the EZb4.. which i didn't think it was.. so all is good.. Since I've received my Dev kit.. I've been playing around with a few things.. I also have a few RS v2 and RSMedia's laying around to fool with, which maybe more of a challenge hacking than the Hovis.. I'm looking forward to a challenge.. lol My FrankinBot will LIVE!



I don't think the robosapien IR control works anymore, but I'm sure you could make it work by directly controlling the motors in sone way - dont quote me on that one though

P.S - don't hack the RS media! I sold one on ebay for 700 bucks out of box missing the software. Apparently they're incredibly rare. Just thought I would let you know, 700$ is alot of ez-bits;)