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Hoverboard Control

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i have a completed InMoov, Borne, and want to get him to move autonomously. He is mounted to a hoverboard which control board has been reflashed and uses a nunchuck to control. Used https://github.com/NiklasFauth/hoverboard-firmware-hack, todo the hack. Any ideas on how to control with ez- robot? Thanks for any info you can give.

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If you wanted to send the hoverboard the same I2C commands that the Nunchuck is outputting you could likely do this with ARC and an EZ-B (that supports I2C).

First Step: Figure out what Nunchuck I2C commands/values are sent for forward, left, right, reverse, enable, disable, etc. You should be able to find this in the github code

Second Step: Connect the hoverboard's hardware to the EZ-B hardware (may need resistor pull-ups). Make sure everything has the correct amount power and has a shared ground connection.

Third Step: Use a script in ARC to send I2C commands to control the hoverboard (ensure your hoverboard is on blocks so it doesn't run away on you).

Fourth Step (optional): Add a joystick control + wireless gamepad to send commands to the inMoov to move it around at the press of a button.
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Ah, that's a pretty easy modification to control it by ARC. When you say EZ-robot, are you using an EZ-B v4 by EZ-Robot? Because it can also be controlled by Arduino with Synthiam's ARC using the EZB firmware. It doesn't have to be EZ-Robot.

Anyway, i would recommend the UART protocol. This allows your robot controller to connect directly to the UART of the board (rather than your i2c nunchuck). This means you simply disconnect the nuncheck and connect to the robot controller UART port . The EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 is probably the easiest option because it's pretty much plug'n'play for something like this.

you can either make a skill control for the protocol, or you can create a custom Movement Panel for the protocol. Here's from their github page about the protocol... let me know how i can help

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United Kingdom
It would be nice to see photos of your InMoov mounted on the hover board or even a video once your get it going!
Wow I like it! That photo looks awesome! I wanted to try something similar with a hover board last year but when I discovered it involves more than just hooking up a few wires to the motors,I decided to just use standard motors,but wow congrats!
Hi All and Happy New Year!!

Thanks for your suggestions, all are helpful. Going to mark solved but I will still need to do the work in set up.

Thanks again