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Hi There!

This is honestly the coolest idea I've ever come across. I used to play a game called MindRover extensively, where you built a robot to do various things (like race, capture the flag or fights to the death) and then played against the computer or your friends. I recently resurrected the game to play with a friend of mine who's an electrical engineer. The game had a simplified, no-code approach to programming your robot.

From what I've seen on this site so far I'm very, very impressed. I am a mobile / desktop applications developer (and I have extensive knowledge of C#) and am going to have so, so much fun with my first ez robot - and 2nd, and 3rd. If I'm having as much fun as I think I'm going to, I'm likely getting a 3d printer.

I've offered to build my 64 year old mother a robot for Christmas and she wants it to do some fun things I'm looking forward to coding - like she wants it to be able to quote famous people and historical works of fiction and non-fiction when she asks it to. I am definitely coding any bots I make to be able to google stuff for me whenever I ask them.

Anyhow - I just wanted to say that what you're doing is great and I'm probably going to be an avid customer, user, developer and community member.


-Jarett from Nova Scotia


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Welcome to the community Jarrett !
Thanks kindly! I just thought I'd introduce myself and see who's kicking! I've been showing all of my friends some of the robots.

So, are all orders delayed until Nov / Dec ? Or just complete bots?
Yup right now it's a preorder type status because they know lots of people want to get their foot in the door :). This has happened twice with each new version of the ezb and they are very popular. They are worth it. be sure and get an extra everyone always finds another use for them..
Orders start shipping Dec 1 , first come first serve so I would advise to get your order in as soon as you can so you also get it sooner too.
True that. I'd really like to write some custom code for a robot for mom for Christmas I think it would be a lovely gift! And code it to play with her puppy.
Nice to meet you Jarret! You will enjoy the EZ-SDK. There is a new one that i'm launching today, ironically. You'll have your grandmother's robot for Christmas:D We've been putting in long days - well, at least I've been at the office for 15-18 hour days:) It's pretty exciting!
It's DJ himself! Nice to meet you, as well. Your videos are spiffy and I really enjoyed the live cams of the office. If I'm ever out West and in the area I'll definitely come and see what's going on.

I really like the fact that you're focusing on education and allowing people to extend the platform - even design and print their own parts. The entire idea is genius and I really hope this continues the way it is.

I've been thinking of all the cool things I could possibly do since I saw your ad. I've also been texting my friend I mentioned before, I think we may race our robots around a track somewhere using waypoints of some kind.

Also, you caught my attention from a facebook ad - great idea, keep that up, there's tons of people out there who'd love this idea if they've found it!

I'm very excited to be here, and I did see the SDK - I'm very much looking forward to seeing what craziness I can come up with.
Well thanks! I'm feeling very welcomed.

The ideas keep coming to me, really.
Welcome to the group. You will find a terrific bunch of enthusiasts willing to help however they can.
Welcome to a crazy bunch of folks................:)
Thanks guys! Pleasure's all mine really!
New Zealand
Likewise welcome... we look forward to your wisdom being added to our collective. :D